The catacombs[1] was an underground cemetery used by Rockfort Island's original inhabitants, including the family of Rodrigo Juan Raval. Raval moved to the catacomb when the island's self-destruct system was activated. He was attacked by the Gulp Worm after meeting Chris Redfield.




Location Localization Original script
After the cutscene "I must save him!"
Rodrigo (untreated) He seems to be sleeping...
Rodrigo (after re-entering the room or reloading the game) He is dead...
Maria's grave A grave. "Maria Raval rests here."
Robert's grave A grave. "Robert Raval rests here."
Relief "Dedicate a light on my right hand." It seems that I can put the stone lid down. Put the stone lid down? >Yes No

2 sub machine guns are placed here.

Graves Graves... Some of them are very old. These could be the early residents of the island.




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