The garage[1] was used for the storage of vehicles for the training camp on Rockfort Island.



During the first visit, Claire will reach this garage by exploring the second floor. From here, the player can proceed to the left side of the upper walkway until a cutscene trigger where the floor collapse, causing Claire to fall below. During this time, another cutscene will shows Claire and Steve encounter Steve's father, Mr. Burnside who had been turn into a zombie. As Mr. Burnside about to attack Claire, Steve fire his weapon at his father, killing him in the process.

Assuming Claire's role, the player explore around the garage first floor:

  • Handgun Ammo - This item can be found on top of the barrel, near the tank yard entry.

During Chris' scenario, he will reach this garage through the elevator accessed from the cave.


Location Localization Original script
Hole in floor (2F) "It seems that I can't descend from here."
Steve (Claire) I should leave him alone for now...
Mr. Burnside "Steve's father. He is obviously dead..."
The jeep It's under repair. I can't drive it.
Relief A large-size relief. The imagery appears to be telling a legend...
Crates near relif "Iron scrap is blocking the battery outlet."
Small lift A lift. The battery has been removed.
Door to the Garage Passageway You've unlocked the door.
The jeep It seems to be under maintenance. I can't drive it.
Small lift The battery has been removed.
Small lift's control panel A control panel for the lift. Raise the lift? >Yes No
Small lift's control panel (2F) A control panel for the lift. Lower the lift? >Yes No
After taking the key (2F) There is a file.





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