The Locker room (ロッカールーム?)[1] was a room in the Military Training Center on Rockfort Island.


It is a large room, filled with rows of lockers. Few boxes are placed on top of the lockers. The room also filled with vending machines, posters, sinks and benches. The door at the back leads to the bathroom.


Several zombies will be face inside this room. There are lockers in this room that contains bow gun ammunitions.


Location Localization Original script
The sink and the lockers. There is nothing of interest.
Vending machine A vending machine. It's broken.
Vending machine (Rosso) A vending machine. I'm not thirsty right now.
The open boxes Dirty towels are stuffed inside.
Corpse near the bathroom's door There is blood all over his body...




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