The model exhibition room (模型展示室?)[1] was a small room within the training camp. It is also a save room.


The first important thing about the room is that it contains a picture of the room itself. Besides from that picture, the room originally had a portrait of a man in blue tones, in front of a picture of a skeleton in red tones. The latter picture was moved to the biology experimental room. When both of the pictures were back on place in this room, the Training Facility Diorama and the Gold Key were revealed.

There was a last important thing in this room: A plaque conmemorating the day when the construction of the Training Facility was completed, showing that it happened in December 8, although the year is not shown in the plaque and remains unknown.


The player can open the drawer of the table of the typewriter and retrieve a First Aid Spray.

After putting the Tank Object in the hole of the diorama, Chris Redfield can retrieve the Turn Table Key and the Secret Passage Note from a secret hole behind the picture depicting the room itself.


Location Localization Original script
Room Picture It seems to be a picture of this room...
Blue Portrait A man's portrait is displayed here.
Empty space (after taking Eagle Plate) There is evidence that a picture was hung here.
Skeleton Portrait A human skeleton appears to be drawn here... It gives me the creeps...
Typewriter An old typewriter. I could save my progress if I had an ink ribbon.
Drawer It's secured with a simple lock.
Diorama It's a diorama modeled after this facility. There's a hole to put something in...
Memorial Plate A memorial plate. There is some writing on it.

"Dedicated to the training facility's completion. December 8th Alfer Ashford"

Drawer (with a lockpick) It's secured with a simple lock. Use the Lockpick? >Yes No

The lock has been released.

Drawer (after taking its content) There's nothing left.
After taking the Turn Table Key (or not) There is a file
Under the switch Something is written beside the hole. Lead three armies here and the path will open.
Switch (after placing all 3 proofs) There is some kind of lever... Lower the lever? >Yes No
Ladder Climb down the ladder? >Yes No




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