The northern corridor (北側廊下 ?)[1] was an area of the military training center on Rockfort Island.


A small corridor hallway that leads to a small room that is stored with vending machines, few boxes and a trashcan. A speaker is also placed high above the vending machine.

In Chris' scenario, the entry to the small room with vending machines is collapsed but the wall to the left of it is destroyed into the preparation room.


No enemies are fought here during the first visit. The player can proceed towards the vending machine ahead and find two stack of handgun ammo among the boxes.

At some point, a cutscene will trigger here which causes the shutter to closed and prevents the player from entering the assembly plaza from here. This leaves the player no choice but to proceed to the warehouse or return to the break room.


Location Localization Original script
Card reader A card reader, silver in color.
Shutter (After the cutscene) A shutter is blocking the path. It cannot be opened from this end.
Card Reader (with the Biohazard Card) A card reader, silver in color. It's electronically locked. Use the Biohazard Card? >Yes/No
Warehouse's door (when you come back later) The door is locked. I can't open it.




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