The security room (警備室?)[1] was a room in the Military Training Center on Rockfort Island


The room are filled with security documents, copy machine, monitor that views the map of the training facility and various types of equipments.


Several zombies are faced inside this room during the first visit. There is a monitor that display the map of this area that can be examined. The player can print out the map layout using the copy machine.

A drawer is also available inside this room, but required a lockpick to unlock.

A storage at the back requires a key to unlocked, inside it will contain a Bow Gun Powder.


Location Localization Original script
Shelf Security related documents are filed here. There's nothing useful here.
Copy machine A copy machine. This machine can also be used as a printer.
Monitor A map of this building is shown on the monitor. It seems I can print it out. Print out the map? Yes/No

(Yes) Take the training facility map? Yes/No (Yes) You got the training facility map.

Monitor (after printing the map) A map of this building is shown on the monitor. This might have been used for security purposes.
The table It's quite a mess here. There's nothing useful here.
The lock drawer It's secured with a simple lock.
Storage (Without the key) "It's a storage warehouse. It's locked. It seems I need a special key to release the lock."
Storage (With the key) It's locked. Use the Storage Key? Yes/No

(Yes) You don't need this key anymore. Discard the Storage Key? Yes/No

Storage (after taking its item) There's nothing left.
The lock drawer (with Lockpick) It's secured with a simple lock. Use the Lockpick? >Yes No

The lock has been released.

The drawer (empty) There's nothing left.




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