The security room corridor (警備室前廊下?)[1] was a room in the Military Training Center on Rockfort Island.


It is a corridor that leads to multiple different rooms, that contains several pay-phones and a bench.


A red herb can be found on the bench ahead. There will be a line of pay-phones, the farthest containing bow gun arrows. During the first visit, there will be no enemies available. The closed shutter to the assembly plaza will be closed and required the Biohazard Card to enter.

Once the card is obtained, it can be used on the card reader to reopen the shutter; the other shutter will remain locked until that room behind it is finished ventilating (which occurs shortly after Claire uses the room's security camera to focus on the skeleton painting on its wall). Proceeding to the entry toward the assembly plaza, the shutter will close once again and cannot be opened from here.


Location Localization Original script
Phones "The phone is not working. The line seems to be dead."
Card Reader (Near the stairs) A card reader, silver in color.
Card Reader (Shutter) A card reader, silver in color. It's electronically locked.
Door to the Garage The door knob is missing. I can't open it.
Card Reader (Near the stairs, during ventilation) A card reader, silver in color. Ventilation of biology room not complete... Lock can be released when ventilation is complete.
Card Reader (Shutter, with the card) A card reader, silver in color. It's electronically locked. Use the Biohazard Card? Yes/No
Card Reader (After reopen the shutter) A card reader, silver in color.
The shutter after closing once again The shutter is blocking the way. It can't be opened from this side.
Door to the Preparation Room (when you're escaping from the Biological Laboratory) The shutter is closing. I must escape quickly.




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