The tank yard (戦車置き場?)[1] was an area of the military training center on Rockfort Island.


It is a large compound with a German "Tiger I"-tank (Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausführung E "Tiger I") or a M1 Abrams in the PAL versions of the game, being displayed here. Several crates and barrels are also stored inside the yard.


During the first visit, Claire will face several zombie dogs around the yard. Bow gun arrows can be found here. The player can unlock the door to the training yard from here.

At some point, Alfred Ashford will push a hidden button on the tank which cause the tank to move forward, revealing a hidden passage. This passage can be accessed by Chris during his scenario.


Location Localization Original script
Large door "The door has been welded."
Tank An old tank is being displayed here. This could be suited to Alfred's tastes.
Entry to the training yard You've unlocked the door.
Tank An old tank. I wonder why this is here?
Panel on the Tank There is a button on the panel. Push the button? >Yes No
Panel on the Tank (after moving it) The tank has already been moved.




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