The warehouse (北側廊下 ?)[1] was an area of the military training center on Rockfort Island.


The warehouse is a large area that is mostly filled with containers and barrels. There is also a large lift which is used to transport the loads.


Upon entry for the first time, the player can proceed to the left to find a sub machine gun that isn't loaded. While examine it, the ammo is later seen on top a large container located below.

At some point, a cutscene will trigger where the player is introduce to the Bandersnatch. The player can choose whether to kill it or avoid it by running down the stairs and proceed to the next room. As the player enters the next room, another cutscene will trigger where Claire is attacked by a Bandersnatch. During this time, Steve will crash in through the windows and fire at the Bandersnatch using the gold lugers, saving Claire in the process.

Later, the two trade weapons as Steve is equipping with the sub machine gun, while Claire gets the gold lugers. After Claire had obtained the sub machine gun ammo, the lift will start to move down.


Location Localization Original script
Sub machine gun There is a Sub Machine Gun. It isn't loaded. Take the Sub Machine Gun? Yes/No
After obtaining the Sub Machine Gun There is ammo for the Sub Machine Gun.




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