Mine Worker's Diary 1 is a file in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


The file can be found in the mines by either Barry or Natalia, during Episode 4: Metamorphosis.


(Written in Russian)

February 11

I'm finally gonna get a chance to work for our benefactor down in the mining facility! Gonna be rolling in the big bucks now!

I had no idea until they hired me, but apparently they're making pharmaceutical products down on the lower levels. You gotta have a permit to even go down there, and security seems pretty tight. Must be some pretty important stuff going on down there.

March 24

She's got her own staff working in the research facility, but there are also some of us islanders working for her as well. Everyone who works directly under her gets a nice, fat paycheck. The money, the status, who wouldn't want that?

But lately? They've been bringing a lot of new people in. They're not particularly smart or useful, it's just they just need people by the dozens. I've seen a lot of people go in, but no one comes out. I guess there must be another exit somewhere down there, right?

ついに俺も念願の、 女神様のお膝元、 鉱山施設で働くことになった。 ここで一財産稼いでやる。

働くことになってわかったことだが。 ここの下層には薬品開発の研究所があるらしい。

許可された者しかアクセスできないとか、 ずいぶんと厳重なようだが、 何の研究をしてやがるんだ?

研究所には、 女神様のお抱えの研究員どもがいて、 島の連中も下働きだが、 高給で雇われているらしい。 最初は俺も、 羨ましいと思ていた…

だが最近、 下働きとして見ても、 大して知恵のなさそうな、 使えない連中までもが呼ばれるようになった。 それも、 多いときは数十人単位ときている。 そして誰一人、 帰って行く姿を見たことがない…。





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