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The Minigun is a special weapon used in Resident Evil: Revelations during a segment in both Episode 8 and 11.

During Episode 8 part 2, the player will control Chris Redfield and use it to fight the Malacoda as they approach their destination. In Episode 11, Jill Valentine and Chris utilize the minigun to try and destroy all the Malacoda's parasite before the creature and its parasite are eventually destroyed by the heat-seeking rocket launcher that was given by Kirk.

It has infinite bullets however it has a heat meter. Once it reaches the max it can not shoot until it cools down. The player also has the option to cool down any time to lower the heat before it gets too high. It also comes with a grenade launcher which shoots them straight in the direction the player is aiming fired with the sub weapon button. It starts at its max of three grenades and recharges one back after a few seconds.