The Mining Area is a location in Resident Evil 5, which featured in Chapter 2-2.


In the beginning of the area there is a Herb (Green) and Rifle ammo. Upon walking up the staircase to the building, a scene will play where Chris and Sheva encounter Ricardo Irving. After the scene, a Checkpoint will be triggered and a hoard of Majini will from across the entire map will begin to move in on the player. In the area outside the building, there is a mounted gatling gun the Majini can use. In the building the players are now in, there is a readable document, Herb (Green), Handgun ammo, and the Dragunov SVD (Rif) in a locker.

Outside the building, there is a Hand Grenade on the back of a track, a Diamond (Brilliant) in a chest, a Herb (Red) across the chest, another Hand grenade behind the truck with the gatling gun.

Walking up to the cliff with the big ladder will trigger the next hoard of enemies to spawn. On the ground still is Rifle ammo and Handgun ammo in a shack, and on the cliff wall is a Diamond (Pear) that can be shot down. Walking up to and pressing the action, partner button, or just walking away at the portable toilet will cause a short scene where a Majini slams the door open and proceeds to attack. At the top of the ladder, the player has a good vantage point to hit a B.S.A.A. Emblem near the building the came from. Proceeding forward and jumping down the cliff will trigger a Checkpoint.

Jumping down the next cliff will trigger a short scene where the camera pans up to the player's destination. After that, the next hoard of enemies will spawn. Next to where the player lands are two sets of Handgun ammo x10. Down the path there is a broken ladder Chris and help Sheva up with the Partner action prompt. A Diamond (Square) can be shot down near the ladders and next to where it falls is a Machine gun ammo x30. At the end of the path is a green container that requires both characters to push to be able to move out of the way.

Proceeding past the container will trigger a Checkpoint. In the area before the next ledge to drop down, there is a Hand grenade, a Herb (Green), Shotgun shells x5,

Dropping down the ledge will trigger a scene where a Majini driving a truck will crash and release a Popokarimu, a fight with in will now begin. In the shacks in the area, there are many Proximity bombs, a Hand grenade, Handgun ammo, a Herb (Green), and a Flash grenade to pick up and use. Killing the Popokarimu will end Chapter 2-2.


Location Localization Action Original Script
The laptop on the table It's just a laptop. No useful information on it. Investigate
Shelf in the small building There are a lot of files here. None of them look useful. Investigate



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