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"Once dawn breaks the ceremony will be complete, and I will become her true mother, bound for eternity in blood! I’ve waited so long, but dreams really can come true. Vessel or not, I can’t wait to see my true child again."
— Miranda

Miranda (ミランダ miranda?) was an Eastern European biologist and cult leader who ruled over an isolated mountain village from 1919 - 2021. After losing her only daughter to the Spanish flu, she discovered and became infected by the Mold within a nearby cave. Gaining vast knowledge and superhuman powers from the infection, she pioneered research on this mysterious fungus and used it to conduct experiments on local villagers over the next century, hoping to find the perfect vessel to revive her daughter. In February 2021, she abducted the infant Rosemary Winters for this purpose and, seeing no further use for the villagers, committed a genocide by unleashing Lycans on the local populace. Miranda was ultimately shot dead by Rose's father, Ethan Winters, who had become intertwined with a BSAA operation to contain the outbreak.


Early life and discovery of the Mold

Miranda with Eva as a baby.

Miranda was born sometime in the late 19th century in an agrarian mountain village in Eastern Europe. In 1909, she gave birth to her first and only child, Eva. In 1919, the Spanish flu made its way to the village and devastated its population. The death toll was so high that the cemetery was soon full to capacity, forcing many survivors to bury their loved ones outside of the village, including the Potter's Field.[3] Among those who perished in this pandemic was Eva, only 10 years old at the time of her death.

Driven to despair, Miranda ventured into a nearby cave wherein she intended to commit suicide. However, before she could end her life, she came across a massive and ancient fungal super-colony, which she dubbed "the Mold". Miranda touched a large mass growing from the Mold, the "Fungal Root", and in the process she saw the memories of hundreds, if not thousands, of people who had been consumed by the fungus over the centuries. Among those was Eva herself, whose body had been assimilated almost immediately after her burial.[4] Believing she could use the Mold to bring back her lost daughter, Miranda came to revere this substance as "the Black God".

As Mother Miranda

Returning from the cave, Miranda infected several villagers with the Mold, curing them of the sickness. She then gave sermons at the local church, proclaiming herself a prophet of the Black God.[3] The villagers, under the mind-altering effects of the Mold, quickly abandoned their Christian faith and converted to this new pagan cult, henceforth addressing Miranda as "Mother".

Over the subsequent decades of research, Miranda conducted research on the Mold from makeshift labs beneath the village and ceremony site, using them to perform research on the Mold. One result of these experiments was the "Cadou" (Romanian for "gift"), a parasitic nematode altered by the Mold. Various people from peasants to nobility were implanted with these parasites as part of her research, which sought to create a superhuman host for the Eva copy to manifest within. The vast majority of test subjects failed, either dying outright or becoming Lycans. These Lycans were then cast out of the village by Miranda in order to keep the remaining townsfolk alive for future research. The Lycans ended up making their den in the ruins of a medieval fort, and were treated more akin to foxes, only occasionally raiding the village to kill livestock.[5] The most promising candidates of Miranda's Cadou experiments were themselves the descendants of the Four Kings who ruled over the region - Alcina Dimitrescu, Karl Heisenberg, Donna Beneviento, and Salvatore Moreau. Although none were suitable vessels for Eva, Miranda recognized their ancient feudal rule over the region, and they operated together as a council.[4]

In the early 1950s, Miranda employed at least one research assistant, after rescuing British medical student Oswell E. Spencer when he got lost on a hiking exercise. Although Spencer was deeply inspired by Miranda's research, having never thought of mutating a human by implanting an organism, he soon departed due to a conflict of interest and ideology - namely, Miranda sought only to revive her lost daughter, whereas Spencer wanted to bring about the next stage in human evolution.[6] Despite this, Spencer still kept in touch with his friend and mentor and continued to hold her in high regard. He then went on to create and found the Umbrella Corporation after discovering the Progenitor Virus in Africa.

At some point, Miranda began to take on the guise of an elderly woman, dubbed the "Old Hag". This form allowed her to spy on villagers, most of whom regarded her as insane.[7]

The Connections

Miranda met with the Connections crime syndicate and was given a photograph depicting Eveline, who was created by using the DNA of Miranda's daughter, Eva.

In 2000, Miranda was approached by the crime syndicate The Connections, who had been made aware of her research and wished to collaborate with her. Miranda provided them with a sample of the Mold and an embryonic clone of Eva.[4] The Connections, in league with H.C.F., were working on a human B.O.W. project that could brainwash enemy combatants and believed the Mold could assist in this process. With the embryo, they were able to produce a number of prototypes, with Miranda herself overseeing the development of Eveline, the first of their "E-Type", created at some point before 2014.[8] Miranda met Eveline in person along with her assigned handlers, Mia Winters and Alan Droney. When the Connections' facility housing Eveline was discovered during a BSAA investigation in October 2014, Eveline was transported across the ocean on a tanker which then crashed off the coast of Louisiana, resulting in the Dulvey incident.

Abduction of Rosemary Winters

Miranda in her "Mia" disguise shot down by Chris Redfield

In early 2021, Miranda gained vital information for her goals. Eveline was killed during a BSAA operation in July 2017, but not before infecting Mia Winters and her husband, Ethan, who had since conceived a child. The Connections, who had a mole in the BSAA, were also able to provide Miranda with the family's location and the child's name, Rose.[4]

Believing Rose was guaranteed to be the ideal host for Eva, Miranda immediately made plans to abduct her from the Winters' home. On Wednesday February 3, Miranda instructed a villager, Eugen, to bring her medical equipment and drugs.[9] By Friday, Miranda had successfully abducted Mia and subjected her to tests in the village. She also assimilated Mia's DNA in order to pass off as Mia, then proceeded to infiltrate the Winters' home. Miranda pretended to be Mia for several days, with Ethan completely unaware of her true identity. Already having marital difficulties,[10] Miranda's more confrontational behavior towards Ethan was not suspicious, and her sudden familiarity with local folklore and cuisine could easily be explained away.[11]

Although Ethan was fooled, Miranda's infiltration was quickly uncovered by a counter-bioterrorism unit under the command of Cpt. Chris Redfield, who had been investigating Miranda since the Baker Incident. Miranda was gunned down through the dining room window and shot repeatedly at close range by Redfield himself.[11] Although conventional firearms had minimal effect on Miranda, she realized that it would be difficult to escape with Rose undetected and instead chose to play dead. Her body was loaded into a car with Ethan and Rose and then taken away. During transit, Miranda attacked and killed both soldiers on board, causing the car to crash in a forest. From there, she grabbed Rose and ran off to the village.[12]

Miranda in her "Hag" disguise.

In the early hours of Tuesday February 9, Miranda held a ritual with the Four Lords at the cave church. There, Rose was subjected to a procedure with the items provided by Eugen, which crystallized her body in a way that allowed her to survive even when mutilated.[9] Rose being divided between the Four Lords served as an insurance for the ritual, though she did in fact plan to kill everyone in the region to ensure the ceremony's completion. With the peasants' usefulness expired, Miranda unleashed the Lycans on them.[13] By daybreak, most of the village's population had either been slaughtered or transformed into Lycans themselves. While overseeing the destruction, Miranda spotted Ethan Winters fending off an attack by the Lycans; rather than let him die, she ordered the Lycans to retreat.[14] Taking the form of the Old Hag, Miranda provided him with false information that Rose was at Castle Dimitrescu.[15] During her final search of the village, Miranda spotted the last survivor, Iulian, and killed him personally.

Miranda hears Alcina and Heisenberg's arguments on who should be given responsibility over Ethan Winters.

Not long after, Miranda held an emergency session at the old church following Heisenberg's capture of Winters. Either losing faith in Winters' reliability or simply not caring, Miranda gave in to their demands and gave Heisenberg permission to have him killed and left. As noon approached, she received a phone call from Dimitrescu alerting her to Winters' presence in the castle, though once more decided to prohibit his execution.[13] In the early afternoon, Winters escaped the castle after his slaying of Dimitrescu and ran into Miranda in an underground shrine beneath the ceremony site. In her Old Hag form once more, she teased her knowledge of his mutant nature and sent him off in search of the other three lords.[16]

Over the course of the afternoon, Miranda became aware a BSAA operation was taking place, having been tracked back to the village by Redfield's squad, Hound Wolf. The squad set up a series of camps around the village to monitor the situation, including one within the very cave she discovered the fungal root. Moreau was alerted to the threat the BSAA posed to their plans, though was ultimately unsuccessful.[17] Heisenberg himself was also aware of the BSAA's plans, though whether he learnt through Miranda or on his own is uncertain.

Miranda confronts Ethan.

By the evening, Winters had recovered all four flasks and placed it within the Giant's Chalice at the ceremony site. Miranda, watching from afar, began the process of waking up the Black God, causing earthquakes as it began growing beneath the surface. While he explored Heisenberg's factory, Miranda took possession of the chalice. As night fell, he and Heisenberg fought, with Winters ultimately the victor. With Heisenberg no longer a threat to her, Winters had outlived his purpose and Miranda ripped his heart out.[18]

Final preparations and death

Over the course of the night, Miranda waited at the ceremony site as the Fungal Root grew more and more, even destroying the eastern and southern parts of the village in the process. It was at this point BSAA Europe finally made their move, having been investigating the region independently from Redfield.[19] This operation was not a sizeable threat to her preparations, however, and the colony had grown to sufficient mass to grow imitation Lycans and Moroi to fend off any operators on the ground. The real threat to Miranda, however, came from Winters himself who she discovered had mutated to possess a hyper-regenerative ability which allowed him to survive her murder attempt, though was in the process of dying. When confronted, Miranda continued with the ritual, but discovered to her horror that the reincorporated Rose was fighting back the super-colony. As a result, Miranda and possibly the Fungal Root as a whole were weakened, and the Eva consciousness failed to take over.[20]

Miranda's death.

Miranda's death.

With Winters and Redfield taking the offensive, Miranda was forced to take extreme measures and underwent a series of transformations. Ultimately, however, Winters gained the upper hand when Miranda flipped him over and attempted to strike him in the face. Winters used this chance to shoot her several times, and Miranda's body became exhausted and calcified.

In a beaten and weakened state, Winters pleaded with Redfield to take Rose back to Mia and the helicopter so that he could ensure their safety. Taking Redfield's detonator, Winter's charged the growing megamycete, and blew himself up in the process. The explosion decimated the entirety of the Village, killing any remaining Lycans and ensuring Miranda's death. Winter's died in the blast, but his death meant the world could not be harmed by Miranda any more.


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