The Missile Area 1st Floor is a location for Resident Evil 5, that is featured in Chapter 5-2.


The Missile Area 1st Floor is a sub-location of Tricell's lab. There are many conveyor belts transporting crates and discarded test subjects into incinerators. It is advised players to stay away from the discarded test, hence if they get too closed they will strangle a players. The area is also stores with Uroboros missiles, but does not see much upkeep as Reaper eggs have been allowed to fertilize and hatch here.


Once player enter this area, the game will automatically saved itself. Player can turn left and head toward the two crates which contain a handgun ammo and gold (small). Turn left and jump down.

From there, a cutscene will played showing multiple of armed Majini will arrive to attack player. Player can find another crate and a red herb that is located at the back. Next, player can proceed by climbing the ladder and pass through the walkway, then jump down again. If player turn toward the left side, there will be three crates containing items. Head toward the conveyor belt passage and run the opposite the direction onto the platform. There's a door which require partner assist to enter.

Player must run through the moving conveyor belt passage onto the next platform while facing another horde of armed majini on the way. The passage is also filled with explosive gases that can be shot to create an explosion. There's a switch which can be pull to stop the conveyor belt from moving. Head down through the stairs and turn back where player can find two crates. There's a BSAA emblem that can be found inside a trash dump. Moving ahead, player can find a weapons case that contains SIG 556 inside.

Proceed toward the power switch for the conveyor belt passage and investigate it. Because there's no power, player can turn right and comes into a place where there are reapers eggs. Proceed through the Uroboros missile, where player can find the power source. In order to restore the power back, player will need an assist from a partner to pull the lever. By going ahead, player can find two crates and a red herb. Go back toward the conveyor belt passage, player will face the reaper. Player can either kill or avoid it.

Pull the lever to activate the conveyor belt, and then jump onto the moving passage. Head left, and then turn right once player reach the end of the metal barrier. Run pass through the discarded test while grabbing Dead Bride's Necklace. Should player get close to the discarded test, they will be strangle by them. When player reach a gap to the right, wait for the crate to pass, then run for the ledge. Player can proceed toward the door at the far end.

The next location is Uroboros Research Facility.


Location Localization Action Original Script
The power switch  The power's out. There must be a way to restore it. Investigate
The reaper eggs It looks like some sort of organism. Never seen anything like this before. Investigate


Further notes

This area is combined with its upstairs counterpart to form the Missile Area stage in The Mercenaries.

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