The Missile Area 2nd Floor is a location in Resident Evil 5, that featured Chapter 5-3. The area is an observation floor where Albert Wesker and Excella Gionne previously observed missile manufacturing, though they are gone when Chris and Sheva arrive. Desperate Majini use RPG-7s to repel the BSAA duo.


The game will automatically save once player enter this area. Player can find four crates on the corridor to the right, containing random items. Next, player will enter the walkway passage where a group of armed Majini will be face. Player can use the cover points while fighting the machine-gun Majini.

There is a small room located on the left side of the walkway, which has five crates containing items. An electric round can also be collected inside this room. Head back to the walkway passage and proceed onward. At some points, the reaper will burst out from its egg and chase players around the walkway. A power stone can be dropped by the reaper, if player kill it.

Jump across the gap on the walkway, then head straight toward the room on the east side where player can find multiples items inside; Hand grenade, ammunition, red herb and the H&K PSG-1. There's also a lever that can pull to activate the power to a nearby cargo platform. A Big Man Majini and armed Majini will arrive as soon as player approach the cargo platform. Player can use the cargo platform to ride across to the opposite side of the walkway. There will be two Majini carrying shield that will transform into Cephalo on that walkway passage. Player will encounter another group of armed Majini with Rocket Launcher, while heading toward the observation room.

The observation room will contain random types of items, including the Royal Necklace. The next area is the Moving Platform.


Location Localization Action Original Script
The power switch for the cargo platform. The power is out. There must be a way to restore it. Investigate
Notice board A bunch of graphs and diargrams. Probably don't need these. Investigate
Memo It's a memo regarding the work schedule. This information won't be of any use to us. Investigate


Further notes

This area is combined with its downstairs counterpart to form the Missile Area map in The Mercenaries.



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