Prime universe
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Mixcóatl was a small village in Amparo - a region in South America - that lied near to the Javier Dam. The village's name is derived from Mixcóatl (Nahuatl for "Cloud Serpent"), god of the hunt and storms in Aztec mythology. It was otherwise known to locals as the "waterside village".[1][note 1]


Leon S. Kennedy and Jack Krauser passed through this village in search of their guide but, instead, found it overrun with zombies and had to fight their way through it. It is here that they also encountered Manuela Hidalgo in the village's church, as well as where they fight Hilda Hidalgo.

Further notes

The god Mixcóatl is not native to South America, as the Otomi, Chichimec and Nahua cultures he is associated with only extended as far south as El Salvador.


  1. Derived from Mizube no machi ("水辺の町"?)
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