"This blend of 3 different herbs fully heals and restores, plus, it reduces damage taken and guards against poison for a short period."
— Inventory description
"3種のハーブを組み合わせたもの。 解毒作用があり、体力を完全回復する。 また、使用後一定時間、ダメージの軽減と、 防毒の効果がある。"
— Inventory description - Japanese

The Mixed Herb (G+R+B) is a recovery item in the Resident Evil 2 remake. It's the result of combining a Green Herb with a Red Herb and a Blue Herb.


The Mixed Herb (G+R+B) not only fully restores the character's health and cures poison, but it also gives the same effect as the Mixed Herb (R+B) - it makes the player take less damage overall and also immune to poison for a small period of time.

The time left for this buff can be seen at the bottom right of the screen, a symbol will appear once the herb is used.

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