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"I swear to God I'm going to survive the fuck out of this."

Moira Burton (b.c.1991) is an American charity worker for TerraSave, an NGO which provides relief for victims of bioterrorism and medical malpractice. Burton is the older daughter of Barry and Kathy Burton, and sister to Polly Burton.[3] Burton's upbringing was complicated by two major factors in her life. One was accidental shooting of Polly left her deeply traumatized and fearful of firearms for the rest of her adolescence. The other was the aftermath of the 1998 Mansion Incident, where the family were moved to Canada to avoid becoming targets of organised crime in Raccoon City. Since then the family have had permeant residency, and Burton has continued to have close contact during her career in TerraSave following her abduction by Alex Wesker. It is this incident in which she was infected with t-Phobos virus, and owing to its may have mutated from this disease.


Early life[]

"Dad, it's not my fault! The gun just went off!"

The Burton family.

Moira Burton was born around 1991,[2] and lived in Raccoon City by 1998 while her father served in the Special Tactics and Rescue Service. In July, the lives of Polly, Kathy and Moira were threatened by Umbrella mole Albert Wesker, insisting he would have them killed if Barry didn't help him cover-up the viral outbreak during "X-Day". The three were saved when Wesker went into hiding after faking his death. When it became clear Umbrella was now hunting down the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members; Kathy, Moira, and Polly were moved to Canada while Barry planned to investigate Umbrella HQ with Chris Redfield.[4][5]

During an incident in their childhood, Moira and Polly were playing in the house one day and Moira found Barry's guns unlocked. Unprepared for what to expect, when Moira took one it accidentally went off in her hands and resulted in injuring Polly. Thankfully, their father found them and urged Moira to call the ambulance. Polly survived, though Barry's sudden reaction to the events and lashing out verbally at Moira caused a rift between father and daughter and led to Moira becoming more rebellious against the stubborn Barry.[6]

Due to the family's close connections with the Redfields, Burton became close friends with Claire Redfield and in 2011 followed her career path into TerraSave, an NGO representing the victims of bioterrorism and medical malpractice. Due to TerraSave's activities providing relief on the field, Burton's involvement with the organisation was a source of tension in the family, with her father concerned she would be put at risk.[7][8]


"Who the fuck is quoting poetry?"

Claire and Moira during the attacks at TerraSave

Coinciding with Burton joining TerraSave, TerraSave leader Neil Fisher made contact with Dr. Alex Wesker, a former Umbrella researcher who had samples of Uroboros Virus in her possession. In exchange for samples for vaccine research, Fisher agreed to hand over himself and eleven test subjects to the t-Phobos Project.[9] This project relied on a Progenitor strain activated by noradrenaline production. Candidates experiencing extreme fear mutated out of control, became Afflicted, or died, though projections indicated that a candidate with high stress tolerance would mutate slowly and become a Superhuman. Should a candidate manifest, brain mapping and mind transfer technology was developed to implant a copy of Wesker's mind into them.

Sometime in 2011 Fisher held a party at TerraSave HQ where all twelve candidates were in attendance; most were TerraSave veterans with the exception of Burton and Natalia Korda, the former of whom had no field experience while the other was a survivor of the Terragrigia Panic. During the party, Wesker's cult made an attack on the building, sealing off the party room and knocking out the twelve candidates, who were each taken to an island off the coast of Russia to take part in the experiments.[10] All twelve were infected with t-Phobos and scattered around the island, with much of its infrastructure modified to serve Wesker's purposes as part of her maze, including a Soviet-era prison, the main city, the factory district and the quarry and mines. Each course was designed to wash-out unsuitable candidates, with the most promising one to be sent to the Monument and any stragglers killed off to tie-up loose ends. Bracelets were fitted to their arms to measure Noradrenaline production which would determine how close they were to triggering viral activation, as well as provide Wesker with a means of communicating with her subjects, working under the name "the Overseer".


Moira and Claire paving the way against the infected on the Sein Island.

Burton woke-up near Redfield and Gina Foley in the prison, as yet unaware of the fate of the others. While Burton and Redfield were able to work together, Foley was soon ambushed and killed by an Afflicted. On their own, the two participated in a series of challenges planted by Wesker, eventually making their way out by the front gate. Due to Burton's intense fear of firearms owing to her trauma, she protected herself instead with a crowbar.[11] As they made their way up the coast the two attempted to transmit a plea for help at an old radio station, but Wesker had already ensured no messages could be transmitted.[12][13]

Soon, the two made their way up the coast to Wossek, a small fishing village where they met with Gabriel Chavez and Pedro Fernandez, who had been ambushed in the woods.[14] The four discovered the remain of a helicopter and, unaware it was booby-trapped, made efforts to repair it and escape. Fisher meanwhile was in the nearby city, observing Natalia Korda who he believed was their ideal candidate. Wesker activated sirens in the village to lure Afflicted to the area, and while Fisher made his way down to rescue the survivors, Fernandez succumbed to his fear and Chavez was left behind with the helicopter. Burton, Redfield and Fisher made their way through the sewers into the city, where they were again separated as Afflicted ambushed them. Unaware Fisher was deliberately in hiding, Burton was already suspicious of his nonchalant behaviour and noted his bracelet not registering noradrenaline.[15] During their travels through the city's apartment blocks, Burton and Redfield found Korda on her own. Initially scared of him contact, Burton was instrumental in calming her down. As they made their way to the Monument, they were distracted by Chavez, who's helicopter began spiralling out of control and colliding with an apartment. Using this distraction, Fisher was also able to abduct Korda.[16]

2015-03-11 00051

As the two made their way to the Monument, a note left by Fisher for washouts directed them to the industrial zone, where they found themselves lead into a burning winery. Against odds, the two were successful in escaping and, realising they were assumed dead and no longer being tracked, realised they had a chance to fight back. As they made their way through the sewers, they came across Evgeny Rebic, the sole surviving native islander who had made it his home, coming out in the day time to hunt game in the woods. Rebic was uncooperative and suspected them of working for Wesker; his help only went as far as opening a gate for them to pass through which directed them to the base of the Monument. There the two obtained proof of Fisher's involvement in their abduction, and through CCTV access witnessed Wesker's betrayal of him, infecting him with Uroboros. When confronted, Fisher began to mutate out of control and the two were forced to fight him.[17] During their struggle, Burton was forced to confront her fears and use a handgun.[18]

Continuing their travel through the Monument, Burton and Redfield took an elevator up to the top of the building which housed Wesker's apartment and her memory-transfer technology. Having succeeded in her goal, Wesker was preparing to kill herself and destroy the Monument. On their way up they passed Korda being lowered into a vault in the basement, where she was to be kept safe. When this was complete, Wesker shot herself in front of Burton and Redfield; with the facility's security tied to Wesker, the cessation of heart and brain functions triggered the self-destruct system. While Redfield was successful in escaping by jumping out of an opening and into the sea, Burton was trapped beneath debris.[19]

The Struggle[]

Moira and evgeny

When Moira came to, she found that she was back in the sewers beneath the tower and had been taken in by the old man she and Claire encountered. She noticed her bracelet at turned red and never changed color again, nor did she show outward signs of mutation. Despite a seemingly tense relationship, the old man let her stay until she had recovered. Eight weeks later, Moira started to help with hunting game and find her own food, as well as her own ammunition. Although she had survived so far, the situation was less than favorable for Moira as she found the old man too much like her father and urged him to work with her to try and find a way off the island. He refused stubbornly though it didn't stop Moira from wanting to try.

During the course of her time on the island, Moira began to think back on her father, having a nightmare involving her father being on his deathbed all alone. Still determined to escape, Moira accidentally attracted the attention of Afflicted to the location of their hideout. Forced to deal with it primarily on her own, Moira and the old man managed to fend off the attackers and keep them away from the place they called home. This did not take away from the old man's anger and disappointment and the same Moira felt at having messed up. It was at this point Moira swore to herself to be better, focusing more on surviving the island instead of simply running away from it.

Almost six months after the collapse of the tower, Moira and the old man noticed a new type of monster show up which began to kill all of the game on the island rampantly. In an attempt to stock up, the old man kept watch as Moira raided the fishing village for supplies. Among the items they find was a list of names, people on the island who had been taken to the mines. One of the names stuck out to the old man - Irina. She later found out the girl was his daughter who had gone missing. In the time, Moira began to consider their relationship more, not only noting his deteriorating health but also realizing she had never learned his name and so she never told him her name either, settling for being referred to as kroshka.

Moira helped the old man search for signs of his daughter which inevitably led them to the mine on the island. After being able to clear the area of monsters, they searched until Moira happened upon a a note that had been written by Irina in the midst of being mutated by experiments performed by Alex. Watching the old man read the note, Moira became more determined than ever to survive, realizing she didn't want to put her own father through such an ordeal. She swore that she would survive and repair their relationship. It was soon after this that Moira found a BSAA badge that belonged to her father, discovering that he had come to the island looking for her.

With this news, she returned to the old man only to find that he had locked her out. She tried desperately to get him to open the door, telling him they can finally get off of the island, but the old man insisted that just as he had lived on the island, he would die on the island along with his daughter. He urged her to go on and find her way off as she did not have to suffer the same fate. After he called her kroshka one last time, Moira told him her name and demanded he finally ask. Remarking that she should "wash her mouth out with soap" due to her language, he finally called her by name. The last thing he said to her was his name - Evgeny.

Claire appears to rescue the Burtons

With her road with Evgeny at an end and her way off the island in sight, Moira sought out her father and eventually followed his trail to a cave beneath the island. She arrived just in time to find Natalia in the grasp of a mutated Alex Wesker. Moira opened fire, shooting Alex repeatedly and forcing her to drop the young girl. Barry was surprised to see that his daughter had survived all this time, certain that she was dead, and the two shared a brief touching moment before Alex began to mutate further. Moira directed the two to the ladder she lowered, helping them escape out of the cave but right to the edge of a cliff. A helicopter suddenly rose behind them, revealing Claire wielding a sniper rifle. Claire fired a single shot into Monster Alex's core, knocking her down and giving the Moira and Natalia the time needed to board the chopper. Although Moira was concerned for her father, he insisted he take on Alex alone.

Moira remained on the helicopter while Claire covered Barry until she was able to take the final shot with a rocket launcher stored on board. With Monster Alex finally destroyed, Barry boarded the helicopter and the four were finally able to leave the island together. Along the way, Barry and Moira reconciled while Claire expressed her satisfaction with how Moira was able to take care of herself on the island.

Two years later, during the height of the Lanshiang bioterror outbreaks, the Burton family prepared for the arrival of Claire for an unknown event. Moira urged her father to get ready as Claire would arrive at any moment. Moira also called after the latest addition to the family, Natalia, telling her to hurry along, unaware of the suspicious activity the young girl was up to.

Further Notes[]

  • According to Dai Sato - Scenario Supervisor, Moira is originally conceived to be an much more punk and bad-tempered person but becomes more lovable as scenario production forwards[1]


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