The Monarch Room Entrance is a location in Resident Evil 5, featuring Chapter 5-3. It is a part of the former Ndipaya Kingdom and Uroboros Laboratory. When Chris and Sheva exit the second revolving elevator, they reach this room, which is the second to last room of the Ndipaya Kingdom.


The area leads to the entrance of the Monarch Room, which can only be accessed by a draw bridge. The control panel for the bridge is located inside the building toward the left.


The game will automatically save itself as player walk through the tunnel. There's a Ruby (Brilliant) embedded on the tunnel ceiling before player enter the main chamber.[1] Player can shoot it to pick it up.

Head for the small elevator on the left side of the chamber, where player can find two crates.

BSAA Emblem

The emblem location.

Go around the back of the elevator shaft and look down to find a BSAA emblem on the wall.[2]

Because the power switch for the elevator is not working, head for the raised bridge and turn right to find a lever which can restore the power. Head back to the elevator and operate the switch. Only of either Chris/Sheva can ride to the upper walkway with the elevator:

  • If player decided to stay on the main chamber, they must wait for the other to unlock the door inside the building. As the lickers arrive, player must defend the partner while they push the metal container.
  • If player decided to venture through the upper walkway, they can find various items; Acid Rounds, Rifle Ammo and random items. Sprint along the path until player reach a large metal container. Hold the specific button to push it until it drops though the roof. Jump down to the roof of the building, player can find a green herb here. Then jump inside the room and unlocked the door to regroup with partner. Pull the lever to lower the bridge. Player can find items inside the locker inside the building such as Chalice (Gold), First Aid Spray and another Ruby (Brilliant).

There is a Topaz (Brilliant), embedded above the opening, as player cross the bridge. The next location is the Monarch Room.


Location Localization Action Original Script
The door for the building. It's locked from the inside. Investigate
The power switch for the elevator (No power) Seems like the power's off. Investigate



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