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Monica Posey was a security guard at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who became involved and killed in a bioterror incident.[1]


Posey has been working at the museum for a substantive amount of time prior to the Pittsburgh Incident and was familiar with the routines and systems at her place of work, as well as having built up a friendly repertoire with her co-workers.

Pittsburgh Bioterror Incident[]

At some point in 2006, Posey was scheduled to work the nightshift prior to the museum's grand opening of its Greco-Roman antiquities exhibit alongside the Head of Security Jamal Hawkins, José Santiago and a newly-employed guard. When José noticed an abnormality with one of the air vents the monitors, Jamal entrusted Posey to investigate, finding an explosive device located in the ventilation shaft which detonated before she could alert him, killing her.

Shortly afterwards, the bombing case is investigated by USSTRATCOM. Agent Leon Scott Kennedy is sent to investigate and operates as a representative on behalf of the FBI after interest arrives in the form of bomb squad report which notes the device as being similar to his last mission with a few of its perpetrators from that incident still loose. Accompanying him is detective Joseph Pascazzi of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.

Her corpse is taken to an morgue in the Allegheny County Medical Examiner's office on Penn Street where 2 dieners are working to prepare thorough examination of Monica and ready to inform Dr. Agarwal that the corpse is ready for examination. While they do this, her corpse reanimates back into a zombie.[2] Shortly after, Dr. Agarwal and the other diener come to check on her body only to see her sitting up in the morgue. They approached the zombified Posey only for her to lunge and infect both of them. Her zombified corpse is shot in the head by a female security guard, though her attack sets off another T-Virus outbreak at the M.E Office which zombifies several staff members and guards. The outbreak is ultimately contained by the arrival of Leon and police officers with the wounded sent to the hospital for treatment.[3]