The Monkey Wrench is a melee weapon that appears in Resident Evil Outbreak.


David King can use these tools as weapons to defend himself and others from creatures. David starts every scenario with 12 of these items. He will throw them at enemies, taunting or knocking down most enemies. Once a player uses all of them, they cannot be replenished and his special ability can no longer be used. They can be considered good weapons against bosses as they deal 250HP of damage. The Zombie Lion, Zombie Lion, Thanatos and Gigabite enemies take 200% damage if hit with these.

Further notes

David Wielding a Wrench

  • AI David (and David-type characters) will rarely use these. The most common occurrence is when they're surrounded by a large group of zombies.
  • In Resident Evil Outbreak, it can taunt zombies, causing them fall to the ground for a short amount of time, allowing the player to escape or stomp the downed zombie.
  • Using his wrench just once will cancel the NO WEAPON CLEAR!! option. Both OUTBREAK and FILE #2


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