Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Moon's Donuts was a small doughnut shop, located in Downtown Raccoon City, operating from 1938 until Raccoon City's destruction in 1998.


Moon's Donuts was established in 1938. The shop was celebrating sixty years of service in 1998. Due to its prime location near Restone Street and its central leisurely business quarters, the restaurant had prominent business as a small stop and shop with entrances both to the central plaza and the nearby street parallel, with Jill Valentine being one known customer. It is abandoned by the time Jill enters the building, with a former customer still sitting in one the booths having been attacked by an infected citizen.


Moon's Donuts is a single-story donut shop located Downtown Raccoon City. It is located in a small plaza in between Park Street and Restone Street, along with Jim's Crabs and a small women's' boutique store called Rich Cloths. The plaza also had with stairs on the other end that lead one to Redstone Street, and the Toy Uncle's Superstore.


The end credits theme from the original Resident Evil 2 can be heard playing inside the shop when the player enters.


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