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"A carving of the moon."
— 1996 item description.
"There's an icon depicting wind."
— 2002 item description.

Moon Crest is an key item that can be found in Resident Evil.


Passage to the shed

The crest is used here (1996).

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The crest is used here (2002).

The Moon Crest serves as two different functions between the two versions of the game:

  • In the original Resident Evil, Chris and Jill needed the Moon Crest, along with the other three crests, in order to enter the Courtyard from the mansion.
  • In the remake version of Resident Evil, the Wind Crest was an optional pick up and was only needed to complete a puzzle involving the Magnum at the Courtyard Graveyard.


Attic 1996

The crest can be found here (1996).

  • In the original Resident Evil, player can find this crest inside the attic. The crest is found under the hole which the yawn had created.
  • In Director's Cut Arrange mode the moon crest have two halfs. The first one is in the attic, on the hole where yawn come from. The second half replaces the grenade rounds on the researcher's private room. In order to get it, you must press the switch on the wall, push the tank to the right and then push the bookshelf until revealing the second half of the moon crest.
  • In Remake, Chris or Jill can find the Moon Crest in the cemetery of the courtyard. The player must placed the wind crest to reveal it.[1]


Director's Cut[]



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