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"Let the heavens scorch the earth with justice."

Commissioner Morgan Lansdale[1] was the head of FBC (Federal Bioterrorism Commission) until 2005. He went by the nickname of "Silver Fox."


Lansdale was engaged in foreign intelligence activities for many years,[2] even before he was head of the Federal Bioterrorism Commission.

Terragrigia Panic (2004)

"The boldness of your self-absorbed ambitions is impressive."
— Jack Norman to Lansdale

BSAA director Clive R. O'Brian and Lansdale during the Terragrigia Panic

Lansdale was the head of the Federal Bioterrorism Commission and was responsible for the destruction of Terragrigia through the use of the Regia Solis during the infamous Terragrigia Panic.

During the incident, Lansdale took charge of ground operations, using FBC forces in an attempt to counter the attacks by terrorist group Il Veltro. Operating out of the FBC headquarters within the city, he worked closely with Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance director Clive O'Brian. However, the two did not see eye to eye. Though the B.S.A.A was a fledgling organization at the time, Lansdale still perceived the group as a threat to his position, and Lansdale was openly hostile in his interactions with O'Brian.

The situation in Terragrigia quickly got out of hand, and after a tense dispute with O'Brian, Lansdale ordered the use of the Regia Solis satellite to sterilize the city. Shortly afterward, the F.B.C evacuated and left the city to its fate.


Lansdale speaking to Norman about the success of the Terragrigia Panic

However, unbeknownst to everyone else, Lansdale was the main architect of the attacks, planning to use the incident as a tool to increase his power. Before the incident, Lansdale had bought the Paraguas Line Company and the three sister ships Queen Zenobia, Queen Semiramis, and Queen Dido. Working closely with Veltro leader, Jack Norman, Lansdale provided the terrorist group with samples of the t-Abyss virus that Lansdale had obtained from TRICELL, who had originally acquired the Abyss samples from Montpellier Marine University. He also allowed Veltro use of the ships as platforms to launch the attacks.

Once Lansdale was certain the attack would succeed, he betrayed Veltro, activating the remote destruct on Queen Dido to kill Norman and releasing the t-Abyss on the two other ships to wipe out any remnants of Veltro. Finally, he activated the Regia Solis and ensured any evidence linking him to the attacks was destroyed.

With Veltro out of the picture, Lansdale had research teams take over the two remaining cruise liners. The objective for these men and women was to prepare a vaccine to the t-Abyss virus, after first examining how the virus reacted to human beings - hence the deliberate infection of the Veltro members. For the next year, the team researched the vaccine. When it was done, and their report handed in, Lansdale, who had remote access to the ship's security, locked down the ship and released the B.O.W.s from cryogenic sleep. Ensuring, again, that evidence linking to him was removed, Lansdale had always intended for research members like Ryan to die that night.

Il Veltro Revival and Queen Zenobia incident (2005)

"Abandon hope all ye who enter here."
— Lansdale quoting Dante Alighieri

Raymond Vester in Veltro disguise

In 2005, responding to reports that members of Veltro had returned, he dispatched FBC agents Raymond Vester and Rachel Foley to the derelict Queen Zenobia to assess the threat to him around the same time that BSAA agents Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani were also dispatched to the vessel. Lansdale was not aware that Agent Vester was working with director O'Brian, who had harbored suspicions against Lansdale since the Terragrigia attacks and who was attempting to use the "return" of Veltro to collect incriminating evidence against Lansdale.


Lansdale reactivating Regia Solis

In a bid to destroy the last of the evidence against him, he made several attempts to kill agents Luciani and Valentine, first by attempting to destroy the Zenobia with the Regia Solis and also by releasing B.O.W.s from the ship's lab. When these methods fail, he activates the destruct system and destroys the Semiramis. He then orders his double agent, Jessica Sherawat, to do the same on board the Zenobia. She succeeds, but not before Chris Redfield, and Valentine obtained a vaccine and deactivated the t-Abyss virus, escaping the doomed ship.

"No one has the right to detain me. The world required my guidance. It was all for the greater good."
— Lansdale shortly before getting arrested
Rev Lansdale getting arrested

Lansdale getting arrested by O'Brian

In a final bid to protect himself, he and a group of FBC agents invade the BSAA headquarters and order the arrest of O'Brian on false charges of conspiring with Veltro. After Jill and Chris kill an infected Jack Norman aboard the wreck of Queen Dido and broadcast incriminating evidence against Lansdale, O'Brian is released, and Lansdale is placed under arrest and relieved of his position as Commissioner of the FBC. In the aftermath of the Queen Zenobia Incident, the FBC is disbanded, and the remainder of its agents and resources are transferred to the BSAA.

Legacy (2011)

"The old man went down, but he was smart enough to pass the torch before he did."
— Alex Wesker about Lansdale
Rev2 Fisher and Wesker

TerraSave chief Neil Fisher secretly cooperating with Alex Wesker to revive the FBC

By 2011, one of Lansdale's moles, Neil Fisher, had risen to a high position within TerraSave. Looking to create another Biohazardous outbreak like the Terragrigia Panic to cause fear and revive the FBC with other like-minded individuals, Neil made a deal with Alex Wesker to obtain a sample of the Uroboros virus, selling out TerraSave.[3] However he was betrayed by Alex and infected with the Uroboros virus, ending any possible revival.[4]


"I hate to have to dirty my hands."

Morgan is a playable character in Raid Mode. But to unlock him, the player must reach the foredeck and defeat all the enemies in the Ghost Ship stage in the 3DS version. In the console versions, he can be unlocked simply by obtaining all S's on Trench. His melee attack is an open palm strike.

Abilities (3DS) Abilities (Port) Costume Mission to unlock Mission how to
Rifle Master

  • Rifle Reload Speed 200%
Costume 1 "Ghost Ship 100 percent Cleared" (3DS)

Get all S's in Trench. (Port)

Reach the very end of the Ghost Ship stage in Raid Mode. (3DS)

S rank on all trench stages (Port)

Magnum Mastery

  • Magnum Reload Speed 200%

Morgan is an obtainable diorama figure on awarded as a random prize through using a Genesis Scratchcard.

"Like an external symbol of his composure, Morgan's silver hair earned him the nickname "Silver Fox". Highly respected during his commission as consultant to the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies, he was selected as the first director of the FBC after riding a wave of public opinion for stronger measures to combat the increasing risk of bioterrorism, and personally commanded the forces dispatched during the "Terragrigia Panic". His iron will and leadership have put the FBC at the forefront of counter-bioterrorist organizations across the globe."



  1. The Japanese script refers to his title as chōkan (長官?), establishing a Political title as 'Director General' or as a government secretary. As such, references to him with the military title of 'General' are inaccurate based on mistranslation. See: Resident Evil: Revelations/errors

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