For the 1998 counterpart, see Autopsy Room.

The Morgue is a location in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


This place has 11 morgue coffins slotted in the walls, one of them is missing at the northern part of the room.


Each individual morgue can be pushed out or in by the player. There is one zombie sitting on the ground to the left of the door, he is playing dead and will attack the player if he takes any damage or the Diamond Key key is picked up. The Autopsy Record No. 53477 file is on his right.

At the row nearest to the door, the second morgue has a Red Herb inside it, the third one has cockroaches and the last one has one Flash Grenade and zombie inside it.

At the other side the second one from left to right has a zombie (presumably to be the remains of Justin Hanson as noted by the aforementioned file) and the Diamond Key on it, if the key is picked up, the zombie will wake up and attack the player. On the [2nd] scenario, this zombie will instead jump out immediately when his morgue is fully open.


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