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Moroaică (pleural: "Moroaice") are a variety of human mutant that arose in a mountainous region of Eastern Europe. These were Mold-infected victims of serial killer Alcina Dimitrescu and her daughters who were restored to life but suffering mental degradation. The Moroaice were named after the Moroi, a vampiric creature in Romanian folklore, with the name Moroaică indicating a female Moroi.


Moroaică are identifiably human, having once been human women who died during tortuous blood-draining procedures. Infected with the Mold, they were revived but lacked regenerative abilities and had low intelligence. Moroaică are known to have deformed and elongated fingers and toes, giving the appearance of claws.

Given the notes found in the dungeon, it seemed Alcina may have been trying to create more daughters. However, they all turned out to be failures.


Moroaică are for the most part slow and clumsy, though they can move quickly on higher difficulties. The Moroaică can attack Ethan in various ways, by using theirs claws, mouths, and they are often seen carrying swords. Moroaică can stab Ethan with their swords and it is advised to stun them or block them before they use their swords. Like Lycans, Moroaică are almost always in groups which can make them incredibly dangerous. Moroaică will drop crafting supplies when killed, but can not drop ammo or healing items.