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"Establishing a kingdom where beauty has absolute authority is the dream, which I must make a reality."
— Morpheus D. Duvall[3]

Morpheus D. Duvall (モーフィアス・D・デュバル Mōfiasu Dī Dyubaru?) (c.1970-2002) was a bioterrorist who formerly held a senior executive position within the Umbrella Corporation. Duvall's terror cell was neutralised in September 2002 following a deliberate t-Virus outbreak on board a cruise ship, with Duvall themself dying at a nearby missile silo.


Duvall is known to have held a number of senior executive positions within Umbrella in the mid-1990s. Alongside their senior role within the R&D Division, Duvall was also commander of an island base in the Atlantic and manager of the Bio-Sphere and its adjacent waste disposal facility. Duvall's career was highlighted by gross negligence towards employee safety, which led to dozens of deaths at the disposal facility following a decision to allow escaped B.O.W.s to thrive in the sewers.[4] In spite of Duvall's notoriety, they managed to form a power base within the company, which represented a potential threat to the company's internal structure.[2]

In May 1998, the Arklay Laboratory suffered an outbreak of t-Virus, which soon infected the majority of personnel after contaminating the drinking water. Attempts to prevent the onset of Cannibal Disease failed, and Umbrella HQ was forced to aggressively maintain a quarantine, allowing everyone to turn or be killed to prevent escapes. During the internal inquiry, Umbrella HQ took advantage of the situation, and Duvall was personally blamed for the facility's loss.[5]

Post-Umbrella career

Umbrella's attempts to ruin Duvall's career failed, and their charisma allowed them to form a fanatical group of ex-Umbrella employees loyal only to them. Umbrella HQ was aware of these developments, and planted P.T. within their ranks to report back.[6] The organisation held three core principles: Africa was the symbol of power on the earth, the Bio-Sphere was the symbol of worldly knowledge, and Duvall was the symbol of beauty.[3] In their interpretation of the principles, the group intended to take over the Bio-Sphere and use its secrets to finance the formation of an African colony built on eugenics principles, to be led by Duvall and populated by only the most beautiful people.[3] Duvall's obsession with beauty only increased as time went by, as noted by P.T., and in early 2002 Duvall underwent cosmetic surgery to better resemble their ideal self.[6]

Spencer Rain incident

In September 2002, the group finally made their move on Umbrella. Having secretly constructed a missile silo on the coast of their island fortress, the group intended to steal bioweapons from a laboratory and place them within the warheads of ballistic missiles targeted at China and the United States. These two nations were then to be held hostage in exchange for $50 billion, enough in Duvall's eyes to finance the creation of their African realm.[3]

On 18 September 2002, the group attacked Umbrella Europe's Paris laboratory and escaped with three test-tubes containing a t-Virus strain and one of the experimental t+G-Virus,[7] After this, they came on board Spencer Rain, an Umbrella-owned cruiser used as a covert means for the company to auction B.O.W.s to VIPs. On Saturday 21 September, the group made their way into the ship's hold, releasing the ship's B.O.W. cargo.[8] Within the next few days, the passengers and crew were eliminated, along with most of Duvall's henchmen. With Spencer Rain now redirected to the island, Duvall emailed the Bio-Sphere, ordering them to put the facility on alert and to require an attached voice recording to access certain areas.[9]

As per the mission, Duvall then alerted the US and China to the missile threat, but refused to give away the location of the silo. After a tip-off from Umbrella itself though, the US and China determined Duvall's location and sent personnel over to apprehend Duvall. Likely having anticipated this, Duvall tracked down and disarmed US Army operator Bruce McGivern shortly after his arrival. Deciding to execute McGivern right on the deck, Duvall became distracted and was seriously wounded by a grenade thrown by Chinese MSS operative, Fongling. The two then fled into the ship, leaving Duvall behind.[10]

Now too weak to fight back, Duvall travelled down into a monitor room for Umbrella security members. From there, Duvall released two Hunter Elites from their warehouse storage, hoping to kill McGivern and Fongling, however this plan failed. Realizing this, and that the severity of the wounds they had been dealt were likely to prove fatal, Duvall decided their only chance for survival was by injecting themself with the stolen t+G Virus sample.[11][12] Duvall then mutated considerably from the viral infection, developing electromagnetic powers and a far more powerful body than they ever had before which at the same time was beautifully feminine thus satisfying Duvall's obsession with their figure.[12] Soon, Duvall began searching the ship intent on hunting down McGivern and Fongling, with the two of them only being able to flee in response as Duvall's electromagnetic powers acted as a bulletproof shield. Ultimately though Duvall did confront McGivern he was able to flee and they were unable to catch up during the subsequent chase across the ship.[13][14][15] As time passed, Duvall understood Spencer Rain would soon reach the island, and instead prioritized abandoning ship to get to the missile silo, jumping in the water as the ship collided with a cliff and exploded.

Returning to the island, Duvall made their way through a warehouse complex and entered the waste disposal facility below.[16] Soon after their arrival, Duvall received confirmation from the Chinese that they were willing to pay the hostage fee. Duvall's arrival at the island coincided with the spread of t-Virus across the Bio-Sphere, though it is uncertain how this occurred. In the early hours of the following morning, Duvall discovered McGivern and Fongling exploring the waste disposal facility, and destroyed their elevator in an attempt to kill them as they approached the Bio-Sphere.[17]

Heading into the Bio-Sphere, Duvall immediately activated the missile launch sequence. During the evacuation, they spotted Fongling, who had survived the crash, and took her prisoner in the hopes of keeping McGivern distracted.[18][19] The trap worked allowing them to ambush Bruce, but in the end McGivern was able to overcome Duvall after acquiring a prototype Charged Particle Rifle, ironically developed by Duvall's own lab teams, which was able to bypass their magnetic barrier. Bruce's attack seriously wounded Morpheus giving him a chance to try to find a means of deactivating the missiles. As is typical with Epsilon derivative t-Virus strains though, Duvall's body chemistry reacted to their near mortal wounds and triggered a second set of mutations to keep them alive. The elegant form preserved in Duvall's first transformation was lost, with their torso expanding until they effectively became an amorphous blob only able to crawl and with their human head emerging from various openings in its surface. Still intent on killing McGivern, Duvall pursued him across the missile silo, only to be shot by the particle gun until their barrier could no longer protect them, at which point Bruce was able to finally use his sidearm to fire a bullet into Morpheus' head. This final blow proved too much for Duvall, triggering a runaway reaction which caused their body to expand more and more until it finally exploded, destroying the missiles before they could launch.[20]




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