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The Moth ( ga?) was a typical moth that mutated due to prolonged exposure to the t-Virus. Unlike the Giant Moths, these Moths' wings have grown in perfect proportion to their bodies. This gives these Moths incredible maneuverability.[1]


Some of these creatures were encountered in the Antarctic Base, where they were able to produce poisonous dust and had also taken to attaching eggs to bodies cocooned in the corridors. These eggs would later hatch into parasitic larva that would seek out fresh prey, latching onto and poisoning them to eat at their leisure upon death.[2]


The moths in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica will respawn constantly and should always be avoided if possible. If the player does choose to kill them however, they are very weak and will die after a single shot from any weapon, though they may need stamping on to finish.

If the player becomes poisoned by a moth or its larvae, they can find a row of blue herbs in the nearby area. These herbs are very limited in number, so it is advised that the player avoids confronting the moths to limit usage of them and run passed them instead.

The Moths will try to land on Claire's back to plant an egg on her that will hatch after a certain amount of time. You can shake out of the grab to avoid having the egg planted, the act of getting the egg planted on the player will not cause any damage. If the egg does get planted and the larvae hatches out of the egg, the player can shake out of the attack and not take any damage from the larvae. 

While they can hurt Claire, they can't finish her off.




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