Mother Virus Report, known in the original script as "Research Background on the Progenitor Virus" (始祖ウィルスについての研究経緯 Shiso u~irusu ni tsuite no kenkyū ikisatsu?), is a file that can be found only in the Nintendo 64 version of Resident Evil 2. An "Ex-file", it is listed as #FILE 13/16 in the game.


The file is found on a counter-top inside of the P-4 laboratory.


#FILE 13/16

The Mother Virus was first discovered by Ozwell E. Spencer. And it was him, who founded Umbrella Inc.. As time passed, Spencer's research was succeeded to Dr. J. Marcus. However, Dr. Marcus abused his power and had to be fired.

Following Dr. Marcus came Dr. William Birkin. Dr. Birkin's experiments delivered many outstanding results including the T-virus. It is presumed that he will be finishing work on the more powerful G-virus in the near future.

Currently, research on the Mother Virus takes place at our laboratories all over the world. In the near future, we hope to discover many new viruses.

The Progenitor Virus was discovered by Umbrella founder Oswell E. Spencer. The research by Spencer was taken over by Dr. James Marcus, who was not extraordinarily passionate for the study. His erratic behavior became noticeable, and he was expelled from the company.

Subsequent studies would then be left to Dr. William Birkin, who has led it to its current state.

The research findings of Dr. Birkin's are well known.
He discovered the t-Virus, and furthermore also succeeded in creating the more powerful G-Virus.
Today, research on the Progenitor Virus is not only left to Dr. Birkin, it is carried out in laboratories in various parts of the world.
The potential for further developments of new virus strains will also come in the future.






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