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The mountain path is a forested path in the Arklay Mountains visited in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.[1] It is a twisty forested path starting from the front of a forest cabin and leads, through the forest, to a river with a the suspension bridge. During the 'Flashback' scenario, the characters are escorted through this path by Al Lester (before finding out that he is the axe man) on way to an abandoned hospital.

The area is also connected to a river bank, as well as to the big suspension bridge which becomes the only way out of the area for the survivors when the smaller Suspension bridge breaks and collapses.


This path is also an area roaming with Green Zombies. If the first suspension bridge collapses before the player crosses it, more dangerous enemies, Scissor Tails capable of causing both poison and bleeding status will replace the zombies.


Location Localization Original script
Talking to the Alyssa NPC "How far does this path go? I'm already so tired..."




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