Mountain safety report is a file that can be found in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It describes the local neighborhood watch. In the original script, there is no mention of any missing person cases.


This file is found in the "In front of cabin" section of the forest in "Flashback".


Notice of Fall/Winter Closure

Effective dates:
September - December

In recent years, accidents and missing person cases have been on the rise in the northwestern Arklay mountains. This, along with the fog at high altitudes, is why the old path will be closed this season.

Barring local citizen's extreme emergencies, it is advised that the old hiking paths be avoided at all costs during the allotted timeframe.

Mountain Safety Commission Chair






Old mountain trail closure recommendations - Fall-Winter

Period: September–December

In recent years, the northwestern Arklay Mountains has been distressed by successive accidents.
In addition, from autumn through winter, the dense fog frequently forecast in the forest area will increase and become more dangerous.

Unless for particularly-urgent reasons amongst local residents, it would be appreciated that you refrain from using the old mountain trail during the period.

Mountain Neighborhood Watch Head


The Kanji "自警団" refers directly to vigilante groups, though is also used to refer to typical neighborhood watch group; the official localisation instead reads "Safety Commission". In the original script, there is also no mention of any missing person cases.




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