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The Moving Platform is a location in Resident Evil 5, featured in Chapter 5-3. The area nearly identical to the Experimental Facility, except that the player must ride the carousel-like platform to the highest floor and contend with armed Majini.


Once player enter this area, the game will automatically saved itself. Head toward right and smash a crate where it contains a green herb. Head for the two crates on the walkway passage, each contain rifle ammunition.

Hidden Emblems

Moving Platform (8).jpg

Before player set the platform in motion, head over the east side and look up. Player can see the BSAA emblem through the floor grating of the control booth above.[1]

Next, player can enter the platform and investigate the control panel. Both characters must pull the levers at either side of the control panel to set the platform moving to the top of the chamber. A group of Majini then will attack from the walkways and booths on either side. There will be a small cutscene showing three Majini running into a control booth, pulling one lever to half the platform progress. Player must shoot the Majini who in control of the lever to get the platform moving again, where as the rest can be ignored. The same applies when another group of Majini interrupted the platform progress.[2]

Once player reaches the top of the chambers, take shelter behind the central column as there will be multiple armed Majini. The door at the far end leads to the Monarch Room Entrance.



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