Mr. Black is a special character that can be obtained in Resident Evil Outbreak by finding every special item in the game. He will be available for purchase in the Gallery for 100,000 points. If the player uses the Data Convert option in Outbreak File #2, he and the other Mr. Colors characters will be made available in the Collections for only 10,000 points.

Mr. Black is a David-type character. He aims his gun with one hand, and is also equipped with David's tool kit.

Like most special playable characters in the Outbreak series, Mr. Black has passive damage multipliers, allowing him to deal more damage with his attacks. Due to this, many players who play Outbreak online find the use of him and similar characters "unsporting".

Further Notes

  • He can be obtained in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 by default along with Mr. Gold, Mr. Green, Mr. Red and Mr. Blue for 10,000 points.
  • He'll start the scenario in a danger status.
  • He's the second slowest character in the game (0.55 movement speed). Mr. Red is the slowest.


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