Mr. Raccoon was the Raccoon Zoo's official mascot, available as part of the zoo's gift-shop merchandise as well as for other businesses.

Resident Evil Outbreak

""A coaster with that adorable rascal "Mr. Raccoon" on it. He's so cute! I just love him to bits!"
Cindy Lennox, upon examining the Zoo Coaster.
Mrraccoon clipped rev 1

In Resident Evil Outbreak and Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, various Mr. Raccoon-themed merchandise can be found and collected as special items throughout the various scenarios, including badges in Below Freezing Point, Cell phone straps, pencils and rings in Decisions, Decisions, Cookies, drink coasters, medallions, storybooks, and watches, in Wild Things, Dolls in Hellfire, Subway ticket booklets in Underbelly, and Postcards from the Apple Inn. While most characters are passive to the Mr. Raccoon items scattered throughout, Cindy Lennox shows loving affection for items relating to Mr. Raccoon, while ironically, George Hamilton shows strong distaste for the character.

Resident Evil 2

"You know my popular Mr. Raccoon toys? Well, I heard some bad kids have been using them for target practice, but that makes me really sad..."
A Message From Mr. Raccoon
In Resident Evil 2, Mr. Raccoon appears once more, this time as a series of bobblehead collectibles akin to the Mr. Everywhere collectibles in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Likewise, they are located high and low and are indicated by a telltale ticking noise, and must be smashed - either with a bullet or a knife - to add it to your total. Destroying one will unlock the Vermin Extermination trophy / achievement, while destroying all 15 will unlock the Complete Vermin Extermination trophy /achievement.

As evidenced by a pamphlet passed throughout the city, that summer of 1998 saw a rising trend of misusing Mr. Raccoon toys as targets to destroy for fun with projectile weapons by delinquents and hoodlums throughout Raccoon City, in which a joint campaign by the Raccoon Zoo, the Raccoon Police Department, and City Hall was launched to combat this growing destructive fad.

Scenarios Image Map area Room Description

Leon (2nd run), Claire (2nd run)

MREntrance Police Station 1F Entrance [2nd] In the bushes near the start of the second run.

Leon, Claire

MRWestOffice Police Station 1F West Office On the top of a large shelf across from Marvin's desk.

Leon, Claire (2nd run)

MRBreakRoom Police Station 1F Break Room Behind a briefcase next to the bed.

Leon. Claire

MRSTARS Police Station 2F S.T.A.R.S. Office Hidden in the southeast corner of the room, between a box and monitor.

Leon, Claire

MREastHall Police Station 2F East Hallway On a table near the stairwell outside of Chief Irons' office.

Leon, Claire

MRWestCorridor Police Station 3F West Storage Room corridor Go through the door west of the Clock Tower and follow the corridor to find Mr. Raccoon in the window.
Claire MREastStorage Police Station 3F East Storage Room closet On a top shelf, requires Heart Key to access room.

Leon, Claire

MRRange Police Station B1 Firing Range Beneath a shooting target.
Claire MRBus Behind R.P.D. Area before Orphanage Front Yard On the dashboard of the city bus shortly before reaching the orphanage.
Claire MROrphanage Orphanage 2F Nursery On the second floor, in a cubby hole directly opposite the entrance.
Leon MRSewers Sewers Sewer Entrance In the southeast corner of the room after killing the boss, opposite the ladder.

Leon, Claire

MRStorage Sewers Supplies Storage Room In the small corridor leading to the Bottom Waterway, to the left of the Item Box.
Ada MRIncinerator Sewers Incinerator Next to the incinerator door.

Leon, Claire

MRCafeteria Laboratory Cafeteria Next to the ladder, on a table by the window.

Leon, Claire

MRNapRoom Laboratory Nap Room Located on the shelf of the first bunk bed, requires Signal Modulator to access.

Resident Evil 3

RE3 remake JP Mr. Raccoon keychain bonus (1)

Mr. Raccoon's key chain given to those who purchased the game at eCapcom Japan.

Although Mr. Raccoon was replaced by the Charlie Dolls in Resident Evil 3, he was still given as a bonus to users who purchased the game at eCapcom Japan, appearing as a key chain.

Resident Evil: Resistance

Project Resistance press image from BIO OFFICIAL twitter

A Mr. Raccoon missing its leg and arm in Resident Evil: Resistance (closed beta screenshot).

The Mr. Raccoon acts as both the objective and multiple key items in Resident Evil: Resistance. In the Downtown map, the objective at Area 1 can be a relatively big Mr. Raccoon statue, where players must obtain its hat, hand, leg or tail and place it on him in order to unlock the door to Area 2.

As of the April 17, 2020 update of the game, players can now unlock a Mr. Raccoon skin for the Tough Zombie enemy.


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