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For the creature from the Prime Universe, see T-00.

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Mr. X was a series of bio-weapon designed by the Umbrella Corporation. Its appearance is similar to the Tyrant. The only known Mr. X was dropped by an Umbrella helicopter onto the Raccoon City Police Department precinct to silence the company's enemies.[1] It was killed almost immediately by Claire Redfield.[2]

Further notes

  • The tyrant's physiology bears a strong resemblance to an unused design of the Tyrant from Capcom's Prime Universe.[3]
  • It should be noted that in the WildStorm universe, "Mr. X" and "Tyrant" are two different B.O.W. series. This is because the availability of Capcom's story notes in English was limited. While T-00 was identified as a T-103 Tyrant model in supporting material, the word "Tyrant" was never used in Resident Evil 2 itself. Consequently, the comics portray mass-produced Tyrants as all resembling T-002.


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