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Ms. Black was an employee of the Umbrella Corporation who worked at their top-secret "Hive" complex beneath Raccoon City.


In 2002, Spence stole samples of the T-virus and delibertately triggered an outbreak to prevent being caught. When the Red Queen detected the leak, Ms. Black's elevator was halted while the staff workers were killed with gas. Ms. Black and the other trapped workers succeeded in opening the door, but were not level to the floor. As the only person small enough to fit through the gap, Ms. Black was pushed through. When the Red Queen noticed her attempt to escape, the elevator was started up which decapitated her.


Further notes

  • All colour characters in the film are named based on incidental descriptions. In Ms. Black's case, she wears a black shirt.
  • In the DeCandido novelization, Resident Evil: Genesis, Ms. Black is named "Ella Fontaine".


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