Kill me... I'm finished... Not human... Please hurry... Before lose conscious... Before too late... Kill me!

—Murphy to Carlos Oliveira, as he changes into a zombie.

Murphy Seeker was a young mercenary for the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service, serving as a sniper for Alpha platoon and operating in Squad A.[1]


Formerly a US Marine and superb soldier, this young man was an expert marksman with an introverted personality. Shortly after Murphy completed his tour of duty and returned home, his brothers were killed by a street gang. In an act of vengeance, Murphy utilized the skills he learned as a Marine and gunned down 20 gang members with a Hunting Rifle before he was arrested and convicted.

After acquiring the status of a demigod for his miraculous and impressive shooting ability, Murphy was offered a spot in the U.B.C.S as a sniper. Murphy accepted the offer, in order to have his life sentence commuted.



—Murphy to Nicholai, before being shot to death by him.

Murphy is killed by a fellow U.B.C.S. member during the Raccoon City Incident, the canonic version is the death-scene of Carlos, but depending on the actions taken in the game, the circumstances of his death may vary:
  • One: Carlos Oliveira finds him in the Umbrella Sales Office. Murphy is badly wounded and knows he will soon become a zombie. He begs Carlos to shoot him, and only after doing so multiple times does Carlos muster the strength to do so.
  • Two: Nicholai Zinoviev ruthlessly executes Murphy, even though he is pleading for his life.


  • After zombies break in the Umbrella Sales Office, his body disappear, is unknow the cause of the vanishing, maybe turn into a zombie, or Brain-Sucker in the external zone take his body to eat it, or is an error of Capcom.


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