My Job‏‎ is a blog post written by Adam as part of the Experience Kijuju ARG campaign for Resident Evil 5.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Everyone keeps asking me, “Adam, what's it like working in Kijuju?” I always tell them that it's
like being a garbage man at the beach. The work itself isn't the most glamorous, but the
place is great. Well, maybe it's just OK. I work in a mine, and as you can imagine,
there aren't many pretty faces to distract you down there! What usually passes the
time while I'm at work is trying to predict how my boss is going to screw up.
This man's idiocy knows no bounds. He actually told us we could use the waste
water for bathing or drinking! Sure, if I wanted my skin to fall off and become
some kind of monster, then that's what I would do.

The best part of the job is quitting time, because then me and some of
the guys can go get our drink on. As long as I can get that ice-cold
beer at the end day, I can put up with anything. (I don't even want to
tell you about the riot that ensued the one time we lost power and
they only had warm beer for two days straight. That was a living hell.)

Anyway, I found a new bright spot to focus on (and it's not more beer!
LOL). I saw a pretty sweet-looking blonde girl today. It's like I've
been wandering through a desert for a year and then someone offered
me a glass of cold water (or beer!). We got a lot of foreign workers
here like me, so I don't know what she does – yet. Hell, I don't even
know if she speaks English! (Most do, except for that French guy. I
think he does speak English but I can't understand him for the life of
me. He just sounds angry all the time.)

I will keep you updated on how things go with this woman. First order
of business is finding out who she is. If you have time, don't be shy
and leave a comment.


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