In 2009 the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) made its first and only series of Resident Evil 5 figurines, totaling at just three. They were re-released a year later in Japan as part of the "BIOHAZARD 5 ALTERNATIVE EDITION" (Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition).

Chris Redfield

NECA - Resident Evil 5 Chris Redfield package

"Chris Redfield is an ex-US air force pilot, a natural marksman and he excels at observation. He's well experienced in combat and can handle a wide range of firearms as well as CQC. Chris is part of the B.S.A.A., and plans the mission to Africa based on information he received concerning a large B.O.W. (Biological Organic Weapon) trade."
— Product description

Sheva Alomar

NECA - Resident Evil 5 Sheva Alomar package

"Sheva Alomar lost her parents in an accident at an Umbrella factory when she was very young. Later she discovered that her parents' deaths were not merely an accident but the result of fatal biological experiments. Sheva moved to the US and joined B.S.A.A. She was promoted to agent after 8 months of training for practical combat. Due to the disappearance of many of her colleagues she ventures into the deepest regions of Africa to uncover the mystery around Umbrella and the most recent outbreaks."
— Product description

Executioner Majini

NECA - Resident Evil 5 Executioner Majini package

The Japanese version

"An enormous Majini who swings around an axe constructed of an iron pole and a guillotine blade. He considers anyone who denies (Plaga) implantation and executes tem. He is extremely tough and will not fall from a few gunshots."
— Product description



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