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"Gifts from the BSAA! They said that's the best they could do for us for now."
— Nadia presenting vehicles to Chris and Leon.

Nadia is an German-American soldier in the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance and former Los Angeles police officer. In her career as a BSAA operator she became part of the elite Silver Dagger unit, where her responsibilities were as sniper and providing reconnaissance. Nadia was part of the 2014 BSAA operation in New York.[1]


Early life[]

While living in California Nadia joined the LAPD and advanced to its SWAT division. Nadia demonstrated proficiency in sharpshooting, and took part in the annual US Army's International Sniper Competition at Fort Benning, Georgia.[2] During her career she became distracted by the War on Terror and the increasing severity of B.O.W. warfare. Eventually she retired as a police officer and enlisted with the BSAA, a UN-sanctioned counter-terror force.[3] Likely around this time Nadia began seeing a woman from San Francisco.

BSAA career[]

By 2014 Nadia had completed her training and was assigned to an elite SOU team overseen by Captain Chris Redfield dubbed Silver Dagger. Due to Redfield's high security clearance, the team was provided with some of the BSAA's most advanced weaponry, and likely had authorisation to travel outside of BSAA North America jurisdiction.

In mid-2014, the BSAA was put on standby following a series of cases of Cannibal Disease around the Great Lakes, resulting in dozens of homicides. Suspecting a terrorist plot, the WHO collaborated with laboratories around the world to develop a vaccine which could be provided ahead of time. The laboratory closest to success was the Alexander Institute of Biotechnology in Chicago, Illinois, and Silver Dagger drove out to meet with the chief researcher, Dr. Rebecca Chambers. Upon arrival, it was found the lab had fallen to an outbreak of the same virus, and Nadia assisted in the euthanising of the diseased. As part of a cover-up, the US government made sure it was reported as a mass shooting incident.

The team fly to Colorado in search of Leon Kennedy who contains knowledge relevant to their investigation. On the flight over, Nadia asks Rebecca about her switch from Special Ops to Scientist. Rebecca confirms and Nadia remarks many of the BSAA agents having bizarre resumes. She notes Rebecca must have been smart before her switch and wonders why she made that decision.

Upon realising Arias intends to attack New York, The team and Leon head over to stop him, rescue Rebecca and prevent the outbreak. Chris asks Nadia for an update on the reinforcements. She tells him that the B.S.A.A. and N.Y.P.D. SWAT are in the thick of it and the state police won't be there for another 3 hours. Chris outlines the plan and orders Nadia and D.C. to destroy the tankers across New York that are releasing the Virus using their aircraft.

They drop Chris and Leon off in the city and Nadia presents an armored truck and a motorcycle, gifts from the BSAA, noting it was the best they could do for now. Nadia and D.C. use the aircraft to take out the remaining tankers as Chris and Leon infiltrate Arias' building.

Later Chris and Leon take on a hybrid mutation of Arias and his bodyguard, Diego, with Chris retreating momentarily to retrieve the vaccine to save Rebecca. Nadia and D.C. show up in the Aircraft in time to save Leon from Arias' grasp. Nadia shoots him with a sniper railgun, saving Leon and seriously injuring Arias. The shot also destroys part of Arias including Diego's face which enrages Arias. He attacks the aircraft and pierces it with his claws, catching Nadia and impaling her under her shoulder. Before he can attack again, Leon and Chris finish him off.

Nadia is shown to have survived, albeit with injuries to her side and she and D.C. recover Chris, Leon and Rebecca and disperse the vaccine to the city, reversing the effects of Arias' virus.

Skill and Abilities[]

Nadia seems to be a recon/sniper of the group, she is able to handle a sniper railgun from a flying helicopter. She was able to destroy the remnants of Diego with a precise shot. Like other members of the BSAA, she is a skilled marksman, swiftly saving Rebecca from a zombie by shooting it in the head.  

Further Notes[]

  • Chris mentions the Silver Daggers often talk about the real life American TV show, Breaking Bad. Nadia herself refers to it as a "Masterpiece."
  • In the commentary for Vendetta, Fukami Makoto, the writer mentions that he had written Nadia's background and that she is a lesbian, with a partner in San Francisco.



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