"A relatively powerful electric tool."
— Item examination

The Nail Gun is a tool/weapon found only in the title scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak. It is found in the Staff Room of the bar, on the work bench. 


The Nail Gun can be used as a one time tool or a weapon during the scenario it is found. As a tool, the player can create a temporary barricade by selecting the USE command in the inventory menu when standing close to the wooden boards leaning near the entrance doorway. This will use all 20 nails of the gun. As a weapon, the Nail Gun holds 20 nails and deals a very weak amount of damage to an enemy. It should be noted that this weapon doesn't have extra ammunition, and once all of the nails are used, the gun will become useless. This weapon will be just useful in Infinity mode. It is one of three weapons that is only usable and found in one scenario and not in any other, the others being the Hunting Rifle from File #2's "wild things" scenario and the Axe from File #2's Flashback scenario.

There is a glitch associated with this weapon: if Kevin or Alyssa performs their Pot-shot ability and shoot with this weapon, there will be no additional damage.


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