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Nanan Yoshihara was a student from Marhawa School and the daughter of a chef at Bennett University. She is one of the antagonists of Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire, along with Bindi Bergara.


Early life

Little is known about Nanan except that her father, Taro Yoshihara was the manager of a world-famous restaurant before it fell into bankruptcy. Although he managed to find a job at Bennett University as a chef, he quickly accumulated large debts to maintain his daughter's enrollment in the prestigious Marhawa School. This led to Nanan being ostracized by her fellow students, as they couldn't stand the thought of a poor man's daughter attending the same school as them. At some point, she reported the situation to Mother Gracia, who didn't take it seriously.

Meeting with Bindi

On the first day of Nanan's third year, she was approached by Bindi Bergara, the President of the Student Council. She was surprised by Bindi's offer of friendship, telling her that it would be better to stay away from her. Later in the day, Nanan showed Bindi her desk, which had been completely soiled by a particularly persistent bully, but Bindi was undeterred in her efforts to support the outcast. Recognizing the Student Council President's sincerity, Nanan explained her history and declared that she didn't intend to let this latest insult go.

The next day, Nanan showed the entire class that she was stronger than she looked by breaking Ra-Na Bae's desk with a single punch. Without losing her smile, she demanded to know who was responsible for her harassment; a completely scared Ra-Na designated Alisa Lin, the Vice-President of the Student Council. Nanan promptly threatened to kick Alisa in the face if she tried anything else.

Unimpressed by Nanan's ultimatum, Alisa later burst into Nanan's room with five other students, intent on beating her into submission. Despite taking several injuries, Nanan defeated all six bullies before going to Bindi's room to let her tend her wounds. Appalled by her fellow students' behavior, Bindi later reported the incident to Mother Gracia, who only covered up the details to maintain the academy's reputation.

Realizing the depth of Gracia's corruption, Nanan and Bindi decided to run away from the Academy.[1]

Escape and death

Before their escape, Nanan and Bindi sabotaged many of the Academy's vehicles in hopes of delaying pursuit; unfortunately, Gracia had backup vehicles hidden in a secret garage. When the guards caught up, Nanan managed to take down several guards before Bindi was recaptured. She kept fighting even after receiving a stun rod hit, but a misstep caused her to fall off a cliff to her death. Her body and a distraught Bindi were taken back to the academy by the guards; Mother Gracia covered up Nanan's death by claiming that she was transferred to another school.

Resurrection & Vengeance

Bindi later retrieved Nanan's corpse from the infirmary and injected it with a syringe containing the C-Virus that a hooded woman gave to her. Nanan's body turned into a chrysalid, eventually hatching into what would become the first Lepotica.[2] The hooded woman quickly discovered that Nanan was mindlessly aggressive towards everyone except Bindi, allowing the latter to command her.

Bindi then used Nanan, disguised by a black coat, to infect the Academy to expose Gracia's corruption slowly. Two of her first targets were Ra-Na and Alisa, who made the mistake of harassing her before realizing that their old bullying target was anything but human. At some point, Nanan escaped Bindi's vigilance and went underground, having infected five workers when Bindi found her later on.[3] After that, Bindi sent her to infect students at the Marhawa's Festival to unleash a total panic on the Academy.[4] She was later spotted by Kapoor on the school roof where she fought Ricky, Doug, and Kapoor. After severely wounding Doug and infecting Kapoor, she returned to Bindi's room to a warm welcome.[5]

Bindi's original plan for revenge on Mother Gracia was to target select individuals with Nanan to try and reveal the Academy's corruption. When Gracia's response was to imply that the zombie attacks were an elaborate prank orchestrated by Bindi herself, the Student Council President changed her plans and ordered Nanan to infect almost the entire Academy, including Ricky's uncle, Doug.[6]


Nanan eventually battled Chris Redfield in the school's underground, where he managed to overpower her and slice her in half.[7] When Bindi - now severely mutated by another injection of the C-Virus - found the remains of her friend, she became infuriated and followed the survivors to their escape route while carrying Nanan's upper half on her back. During the fight, the still-living Nanan fell on the ground, awakening in time to see the BSAA members killing Bindi before attempting to flee on a helicopter. Nanan launched her tentacles towards Piers Nivans, but Merah Biji pushed him out of the way and took the blow instead. With Merah severely wounded, Nanan grabbed the helicopter during the take-off, prompting an enraged Piers to operate a heavy machine-gun[8] at her. Moments before being obliterated by gunfire, Nanan saw a vision of Bindi reassuring her that they had done enough.

Further Notes

Nanan's Lepotica form differs from the ones encountered in Resident Evil 6. She still retains her human appearance, but with pores covering up her left side. Aside from that, she also has expandable arms, being able to grab and stab a victim with it as well as releasing infectious gas.



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