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For other characters of the same name, see Nancy.

Nancy was an American resident of Tall Oaks who died during the 2013 Tall Oaks bioterror incident.


She and her boyfriend, Peter, along with a rookie cop, are saved by Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper at a gas station. She appeared to be terrified by the horrific events, often crying and repeatedly begging Peter to help her. The group later sought shelter inside of a gunshop where they defended it from the zombies. In the midst of the fight, Peter's gun jammed and he forcefully stole his girlfriend's firearm from her and deserted the group. He was shortly afterward killed by a Bloodshot outside the gunshop. Nancy appeared to be far more concerned for Peter than he was for her, becoming distressed and screaming his name when he was killed.[1]

The group eventually got to the upstairs of the gunshop where they met the owner and a Japanese man where they all held off for a bus to come and take all of them to the Tall Oaks Cathedral and to safety. After getting pushed back all the way to the roof, the survivors held off until the bus came where they all made it downstairs and into the bus. The bus became stalled by a Whopper, but they eventually made it out of the city alive with the exception of the gun store owner and the Japanese man who are killed in the process.[2]

Unfortunately, Nancy and the rookie police officer are dragged out of the bus by the zombies and killed, shortly after the bus crashed near a cliff edge on the way to the Tall Oaks Church.[3]

Further notes[]

  • A woman in the Church mentions Nancy, while praying. She asks "God to watch over [her] Nancy", further stating that she "[doesn't] trust he'll take care of her." The woman's relation to Nancy is unclear, although she can be easily assumed to be her mother. The man the woman is referring to seems to be Peter, reiterating that Peter and Nancy had a very unequal relationship and that Peter didn't seem to care much about her.
  • It is interesting to note that both Nancy and the police officer pay a homage to Leon and Claire Redfield during their fight for survival back in Raccoon City. The officer whom states that it was his first day on the job (meaning he was a rookie cop like Leon), whilst the Nancy was a typical female civilian attempting to survive the outbreak (as Claire was). Unfortunately, unlike Leon and Claire, neither of them survive the outbreak.


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