Further notes

The Napad's body experiences high internal temperature, leading to its water content evaporating; it takes advantage of this to turn steam into a weapon against its enemies. Its body is also noticeably-tough and bulky with a close resemblance to a gorilla. Parts of its body are surrounded by a hardened shell, most notable with the protrusions above its scapula area. However right below these protrusions are vulnerable muscle tissue. The armoring is capable of protecting it against some firearms though explosions are capable of destroying it, leaving the fleshy layer beneath revealed.

The Napad's armor on the front seems to grow right above its fleshy layer of skin, making it effectively bullet-proof. However, its back armor doesn't grow directly above the skin, thus it becomes the Napad's weak point, as shooting at the creature's back would break the shell and reveal its fleshy skin.



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