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Natalia Korda (born c.2001) is a Hungarian superhuman birthed by the t-Phobos Project. Orphaned by the Terragrigia Panic, Korda's trauma left her unable to feel fear,[1][excerpt 1] making her an ideal candidate for the virus which selected those based on the quantities of stress hormones produced. During this experiment in 2011, advanced technology was used to transfer the consciousness of the virus' creator, Dr. Alex Wesker, into her brain with the goal of realising the Wesker Project's goal of creating the Übermensch and attaining godhood over mankind. Following her rescue from Sein Island by BSAA Advisor Barry Burton, she was adopted by his family and raised in Canada.


Early life[]

In 2004, the Korda family were living or visiting the Mediterranean city of Terragrigia when it fell victim to a bioterrorist attack by Il Veltro. Her parents were killed in front of her, but Korda herself survived with the help of FBC and TerraSave member Neil Fisher,[2][3] who sent her out to a TerraSave-affiliated orphanage with a teddy bear as a gift, which she named "Lottie". At her time in the orphanage, Korda became isolated from the other children emotionally and developed an introverted personality with little ups and downs in her emotional development.[1]

Abduction (2011)[]

In 2011, Fisher entered talks with Dr. Alex Wesker, an ex-Umbrella virologist who was studying a means of reincarnation by way of advanced technology, utilising a virus to give her host superhuman abilities. Due to her emotional limitations, she was selected for the project along with ten TerraSave members, himself included.[4] All were invited to a party where they could be quickly rounded up in a raid by a paramilitary group under Wesker's command.[5]

2015-03-11 00057

Alex Wesker uses Natalia for an experiment on the transfer of consciousness.

Korda awoke on Sein, an island in the Baltic Sea. Its own population had been used-up as test subjects years earlier, with its citizens hunting down the TerraSave members due to their murderous impulses. Korda was saved by Claire Redfield and Moira Burton while she hid in a derelict city block.[6] During her time alone, Korda was being observed by both Wesker on CCTV and Fisher from afar, and it was determined she was the most viable superhuman candidate by far.[7] To complete the research project, Fisher abducted Korda from a street near the Monument while Redfield and Burton were distracted. As they were directed away to the Kierling for execution, Korda was taken inside the tower which served as Wesker's base of operations. There, coma was induced and the process of memory transfer took place, with her body taken down into a bunker for protection as preparations to destroy the Monument went underway.[8]

Escape (2011)[]


Natalia encountering her "evil" side

Korda awoke from her coma six months following the abduction, possessing heightened senses allowing her to determine the location of nearby mutants.[9] Her memories of those events were hazy, and she experienced hallucinations where she was met by "Dark Natalia", the copied Wesker persona. Dark Natalia encouraged her to travel across the island in search of Lottie, knowing that the stress induced by an attack from mutants would allow her to control Korda's body. This plan failed when Korda successfully reached Lottie on a cliff after avoiding them all.[10] Soon, she was spotted by BSAA adviser Barry Burton, who had come to Sein in search of his daughter, Moira, who was still missing. Korda refused to wait on the boat with him, and the two made their way through an abandoned Soviet-era prison full of torture devises for Wesker's fear experiments with great help from Korda and her abilities.[9] As they left the prison to a radio station, Korda began unlocking memories - either her own or Dark Natalia's - and was adamant she was dead, despite not having seen it herself.[9] Without bodily proof, Burton continued to take Korda back into the town.

As they reached the Monument, Korda recognised Wesker by name and appearance on a portrait of herself and her likenamed colleague, Dr. Albert Wesker.[11] They were soon confronted by Wesker herself, having failed to die as intended and was instead mutated by t-Phobos. Wesker continued to stalk the two as she had done in the town, and confronted them once more as they made their way through a quarry. There, Wesker became enraged at Korda for failing to succumb to her copied consciousness, unaware Dark Natalia was indeed inside her as planned. Rather than kill her instantly, Wesker vented her anger slowly by choking Korda. The stress induced from being in a life-threatening situation allowed Dark Natalia to take control, if only briefly. Recognising the change in her eyes, Wesker backed off and fled the scene, suffering an existential crisis as the realisation there were now effectively two of her.[12][13]

2015-03-11 00073

Natalia and Barry escape from the mutated Alex.

As Korda and Burton continued on into the island, she unlocked Wesker's memories, and led him over a canal to a mine where Wesker's t-Phobos research was conducted. Deep inside the facility, Korda found herself being lured down a path decorated by mutilated dolls, graffiti, and Lottie torn apart and nailed to a wall. Eventually, the two ran in to Wesker herself. Unwilling to die in spite of her plans, Wesker infected herself with a sample of Uroboros and mutated extensively to improve her chances of killing Korda.[14] Playing dead after sustaining a gunshot wound, Wesker was able to grab her and attempted once again to choke her to death to destroy the copied persona. Her attempt at killing Korda was a failure, when she was rescued by a gunshot from Moira Burton, who had survived the six months as a survivalist.[15][16] The two Burtons were soon reinforced by Redfield, who had arrived along with a BSAA force sent to sterilise the island, with Wesker herself being killed by an RPG-7.

Later life (2013)[]

"A Cage went in search of a bird. But now the bird is gone. The bird has changed"
— Natalia while reading The Zürau Aphorisms
2015-03-18 00080

Natalia reads Franz Kafka's works, which Alex is a favorite of.

In the two years after her rescue, Korda was adopted by the Burton family and lived at their home in Canada. Over this period Dark Natalia continued her attempts to take over, and it was observed in June 2013 she had taken up Wesker's appreciation for Franz Kafka's works, namely "The Zürau Aphorisms".[17]


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