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Natalia Korda is a young girl who is 10 years old at the time of Resident Evil: Revelations 2. She has dark brown hair and brown eyes.

Natalia wears a white nightgown that is coated with dirt, along with black Mary Jane shoes and a blue ribbon tied in a braid falling on her right shoulder. Like the others who were abducted, she has a fear monitoring bracelet on her left wrist. Sometime after reaching the radio tower with Barry, Natalia somehow manages to find a blue cardigan with a red and yellow pattern to wear over her nightgown.

Natalia dresses up as her favorite red teddy bear, Lottie, for her extra costume called the "Lottie Suit". She wears a blue toggle coat with the bear's head as a hood and a matching blue hat, as well as shorts with a tail attached on the back. The outfit is completed with bear paw gloves and boots. Natalia's hair is much lighter in this costume and styled with bangs along with twin pigtail braids.

Natalia has an alternate form known as Dark Natalia, whose appearance also serves as an extra costume for Natalia entitled "Black Dress". This version of herself has blonde hair with a red ribbon in her braid instead of blue. She wears a black dress with dark purple tights underneath and black shoes with small heels. She also has on a red and black lace choker.

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