"What's going on outside? Sounds like a riot."
— Donnelly questioning survivors.

Nathan Donnelly was a suspected armed robber that was accused of stealing $800 and various firearms from MacLeed's Gun Shop on Clemens Street. He was captured alongside his co-conspirator, Samuel Kirk.


He and Kirk were remanded within holding cells at the Raccoon Police Station alongside Ben Bertolucci at the time of the outbreak. The pair do not escape with the survivors on September 28, but are not inside their holding cell on the 29th. Whilst Ben Bertolucci refused to leave his confinement, it is likely one of the two surviving police officers within the precinct at the time, Marvin Branagh or Elliot Edward, released the pair as to offer them some semblance of survival. What becomes of Donnelly and Kirk is unknown.


Nathan is a David-type character and starts with a triple green herb mix. He Starts in Fine condition with between 2000 and 2500 health, has a movement speed of 0.93, an infection rate of 1.22% per minute, and a damage multiplier x1.12.


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