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Dr. Nathaniel Bard was a biologist employed by Umbrella USA. Bard took a senior role in the attempts to research and develop a t-Virus vaccine during the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, which led to his assassination. Outside of his duties at NEST-2, Bard worked at the Spencer Memorial Hospital.


Following the construction of the Spencer Memorial Hospital, Bard was given a senior research role where he was responsible for, amongst other things, new drug research. The fruits of this labour were then sold across the United States quickly, thanks to the bribery of Congressmen such as Senator Greg Tester.[2] Though his qualifications made him an asset to the hospital, he was found to be aggressive and rude to other employees, and hospital staff not employed by Umbrella began accumulating evidence to use against him in a lawsuit. Bard would have his secretary, Abbott, steal this evidence.[3]

Outside of the hospital, Bard also led the viral weapons projects at NEST-2, located beneath the hospital. Bard also held a degree of prominence across Umbrella USA, and attended international conferences for employees attached to the bioweapons' development projects.[4]


"I'm trapped in a goddamn hospital, surrounded by every kind of abomination..."

When the Spencer Memorial Hospital began taking in patients displaying symptoms of t-Virus infection, Bard took part in a VIP meeting at the Central Hotel to discuss quarantining of the city. At the time the proposal was only to set-up a Special Medical Zone in the city.[2]

In late September, an Epsilon substrain was leaked into the city's water supply, infecting thousands. In response to this emergency, Bard ordered the immediate development and mass-production of a vaccine for this strain.[5][6] To speed up development, Bard had more and more infected patients taken out of the hospital and to NEST-2 for research purposes.

As the situation deteriorated over the week, Bard became increasingly desperate. Fearing Umbrella would order his assassination to keep the vaccine data from being leaked, Bard attempted to reach out to Senator Tester. Like Dr. William Birkin before him, he would request the Pentagon prepare an Army special forces team to evacuate him, but this request fell on deaf ears.[7] On the night of 28 September, Bard attempted to contact surviving police officers at the Raccoon Police Station to evacuate him instead. This was picked up by U.B.C.S. Corporal Carlos Oliveira, but he would not arrive for another day.


Nathaniel Bard corpse

Bard's corpse.

In the meantime, with the loss of all his staff, Bard was able to ensure the separation of vaccine samples - one batch in his hospital office, and another batch in NEST-2. The hospital was, ultimately, raided by Sgt. Nikolai Zinoviev, a Monitor acting on behalf of both Umbrella and an unidentified organisation. While Bard was shot dead, the samples in his office were left intact.



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