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The Natural History Conspectus was a 72-volume non-fiction book series written by Henry Travis about his 35-year trip around Africa, detailing plants, animals and the peoples of Africa along with their culture.[1]

His series was discredited by scientists - It is believed a rumour circulated by Travis' older brother was spread to keep people from taking advantage of the guide to make money - under the belief that he used "creative licensing" and fabricated some of the events detailed. Travis died two years later after a period of depression caused by his books' failure.

Travis Enterprises took this opportunity to spread their influence into Africa, where they collected as Plant and Animal specimens detailed by the "guide", even mining precious materials from where Travis wrote of.

Dr. Oswell E. Spencer, Earl Spencer also had a copy of the Natural History Conspectus, which he too used as a guide for a trip to the continent. He and several others ventured into the Kijuju region in search of the "Stairway of the Sun" flower, a plant said to create great strength to those who eat from its fruit. A closer inspection of the flower led to the discovery of the Progenitor virus.

Further notes[]

  • In the English version of Resident Evil 5, the book collection is referred to as "Survey of Natural History".


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