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Ndesu was a series of human Bio Organic Weapon developed by Tricell Inc., Africa using the mutagenic effects of Type 2 Plagas. These B.O.W.s were inspired by El Gigante, a series of human B.O.W. created by the Spanish organisation, Los Iluminados.[1] Its name originates from the Ndesu, a man-eating monster in central African folklore.[2]


At least one Ndesu was shipped to Kijuju in March 2009 for the inspection of a prospective buyer. Ricardo Irving, its seller, was forced to use Ndesu to attack a BSAA unit within the city instead when their operation ruined the intended deal. Ndesu killed most of the BSAA soldiers within the city, and tied one around its belt as a trophy. When more BSAA members arrived from the savannah, Ndesu killed Dave Johnson, and fought Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, who relied on their Gambit's machine gun turrets. During this fight it was backed-up by Majini armed with crossbows, but ultimately it died from injuries sustained as its Plagas were killed one by one.[3]


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